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Sunday , December 5 2021

‘Pay ex-wife child support, house rent, hire 2 maids, driver and car’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 26: The Family Court obligated a citizen to pay his exwife KD 700 for monthly child support, KD 600 for house rent, KD 2,000 for the recruitment of two domestic workers and a driver from abroad, KD 340 for monthly salaries and KD 10,000 for buying a car.

Attorney Fatima Al-Shatti filed the lawsuit on behalf of the ex-wife, pointing out that the latter was married to her exhusband and they were blessed with children but he stopped spending money for the family and he kicked her out of the house.

Al-Shatti argued that her client is the custodian of the children and she meets all requirements for obtaining custody. She added that since the children are too young to earn money, the court must obligate the ex-husband to pay alimony and the relevant expenses including the cost of hiring domestic workers and a driver, their salaries, rent of the house and a car.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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