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Monday , February 6 2023

PAY, ESCWA platforms will be linked to determine ‘jobs’ in labor markets

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KUWAIT CITY, Oct 16: The Director General of the Public Authority for Youth (PAY), Dr. Mishaal Al-Shaheen Al-Rabie and Executive Secretary of the United Nations Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) Dr. Rola Dashti spoke of an executive work program for bilateral cooperation in the field of monitoring and analyzing the skills required for labor markets, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Dr. Mishaal Al-Shaheen Al-Rabie, Director General of the Public Authority for Youth

Under the executive work program, the Youth Authority’s appointment platform will be linked to the ESCWA “Skills Monitor” platform to analyze the data and information available on the appointment platform using artificial intelligence and big data mining, and then identify the skills most in demand for the labor market today and the future skills that the state needs to achieve its economic vision.

Al-Rubaie said this cooperation will undoubtedly help the Youth Authority in determining the future skills of the labor market, which should direct school students affiliated with the Authority’s Academic Advising Center to study and specialize in distinguished universities. He stressed the authority’s keenness to implement Cabinet decisions in addressing important issues directly related to youth, and taking care of them, pointing out that the link between the authority and ESCWA will enhance and unify the efforts of state institutions aimed at developing the labor market and developing human capital.

Al-Rubaie explained that linking the two platforms will enable decision makers to formulate national policies and strategies and support Cabinet initiatives to harmonize education and labor market outcomes, localize skills that will lead to economic and investment activity in Kuwait, and assist in the assessment and analysis of sudden shocks affecting labor markets, the latest of which is the Covid pandemic. He added the link will also help the Youth Authority to adapt to the changing trends of the needs of the labor markets, to develop its rehabilitative and vocational programs and services provided to Kuwaiti youth through the project included in the state’s development plan, and to develop mechanisms to enhance productive national employment in the private sector in cooperation with the Public Authority for Manpower and the Civil Service Commission.

For her part, Dr Dashti praised the complementary part of the role of the appointment and “Skills Monitor” platforms to achieve an effective impact on the Kuwaiti labor market. She pointed out that the platform relies on data and artificial intelligence, and was developed by ESCWA to monitor, process and analyze online job advertisements in the Arab region. Dashti stressed that the importance of linking the two platforms lies in reducing the gap between vacant jobs and the scientific and practical qualifications of Kuwaiti youth.

She said this cooperation contributes to understanding the national labor market, by analyzing the experiences and skills required, and helping policy makers guide the Kuwaiti youth towards job opportunities that suit their skills, or towards refining skills that fit the market, by organizing appropriate training opportunities. To complement the goals of the Work Makers Project, the authority launched the appointment platform on its website last June, which includes:

1 – A database of more than 4,000 young talents nominated to work in the private sector.

2 – The platform includes academic data for competencies, their practical experiences, professional certificates, acquired skills and other data that enable private sector companies and institutions to attract the most appropriate youth competencies for their job needs with ease and mastery.

3 – The “Tawfeed” platform includes the data of more than 100 companies and institutions in the private sector that have more than 300 job opportunities available to Kuwaiti youth.

Kuwait topped the Arab countries and ranked 27 globally in the category of the most developed countries for youth, along with Japan, Germany, Finland and Singapore.

The agenda of the development projects of the Authority included the work makers project, which aims to:

1 – Contribute to addressing imbalances in the labor market and demographics.

2 – Rehabilitation, training, professionalization and employment of Kuwaiti youth according to the needs and requirements of the Kuwaiti labor market.

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