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Participatory train takes off! – ‘Be realistic’

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
AS expected, the Islamic Constitutional Movement (ICM) has declared its intention to participate in the upcoming parliamentary election, which is based on the ‘one-man one-vote’ system. This was mentioned in a press release issued by the ICM to declare its stance as well as to defend itself like a suspect.

The press release was full of justifications over its previous stance to boycott the earlier elections. It reminded the public about its previous positions and actions in a manner that seemed like it was defending itself, which I understand very well.

At the same time, it explained some points to indicate its readiness to change the current unacceptable political situation as though if it is the reformer that is capable of reviving what has been destroyed. In actual fact, ICM and others have been operating based on the wishes of the government without producing any effect on security of the movement and others!

It is possible to deal with the current political situation by being realistic. If it is necessary to issue a press release, it should be clear and realistic. The release, as earlier mentioned, was like the defense put up by a suspect to prove his innocence!

To set the record straight and say openly, ICM has never been in the political oblivion for it to declare its return to the arena. It is effectively represented in the Cabinet because two of the current ministers are very close to the movement and another was an ICM member and possibly still remains so. Due to this, their statement “We will return back to enhance reform” certainly seems inappropriate for those who have been following the political trend.

ICM is adequately functioning and has never been out of the space, even though the matter may be a way of preparing its members to contest in the upcoming elections. It may also be aimed to save the faces of many of its members from embarrassment.

Despite the clarity in ICM’s press release, I cannot understand the stance of a member of the movement Dr Jama’an Al-Harbash. According to the information gathered, he has decided not to participate in the upcoming elections. Naturally, this release has paved way for Al-Harbash to decide on any possibilities, so he will not be springing surprises concerning his decision to participate or not.

Also, another member of the movement Falah Al-Sawagh is yet to declare his position, even though I place him in the same position as his friend. The decision to participate or not is now more inconsequential than before, especially for those two members.

Irrespective of whether we agree or disagree with the participation or boycott of ICM, what is important is that retracing its steps to righteousness is a virtue. ICM understands more than anyone else that it has no value if it is not part of the parliament!

Amending the decision in the best interest of the group (I will not say interest of the nation) is a justification and there is nothing wrong with it. The fault can only be in terms of rigidity and arrogance in taking positions.

Return of the ICM, even though it has never been away for even a moment, makes no difference. At least ICM is a significant group, movement or bloc that respectfully deals with other blocs that interact with it. It does not hit below the belt over myopic interests that are of no consequence!

I remember the last part of a statement issued by former MP Mohammad Hayef, in which he seemingly expressed betrayal and disappointment by criticizing one of the slogans of his convicted friend Musallam Al-Barrak. The timing, situation and venue were not right for Hayef to make such an unpleasant statement.

Mohammad Hayef is bigger than such unprovoked statements. The least his friend who is in prison expects from him is a prayer or an initiative by him for ensuring everything is brought back to normal instead of criticizing a person who is not in a situation to respond!


By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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