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Saturday , December 5 2020

Parliamentarians, get rid of Muslim Brotherhood Group!

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

THE title of this article is not of my own making. It is an actual outcry that seemed appealing and impressive to me because it expresses what I feel and the feelings of thousands of my compatriots who have been enduring the danger posed by the Muslim Brotherhood Group.

This group persevered throughout the past decades under the encouragement of our rational governments in the spirit of creating a balance with the honorable national movement – or so these governments thought – including the current government, which is standing with folded arms and spectating while the group creates scandals.

An apt testimony of this fact is the scandal involving one of the representatives of the Muslim Brotherhood Group who, with the intention of blackmailing in the future, had recorded an incident that happened inside the tent of the former leader of Libya late Muammar Gaddafi, whose his evilness was brought to an end by the Libyans.

Back to the title of the article, it represents the outcries made in the past few days during a demonstration, or rather a protest, organized by “The Free Destourian Party” in Tunisia under the slogan “Renouncing political violence and defending the civil state.”

The demonstration was led by the party’s president and Tunisian MP Abir Moussi. She announced that the protest was against the “brotherhood” of Parliament. It took place in front of the Municipal Hall on Habib Bourguiba Street, which is the largest street in Tunis.

The Free Destourian Party and its president, Abir Moussi, accused the office of the Tunisian House of Representatives headed by the prominent member of the Muslim Brotherhood Group Rached Ghannouchi – we thank Almighty Allah that he didn’t step on our land at the invitation of the National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim.

The accusation leveled by the Free Destourian Party at the Office of the Tunisian Parliament was based on the parliamentary vote against a plenary session aimed to discuss the list submitted by the party to classify the Muslim Brotherhood Group as a terrorist organization.

The party believe the Tunisian Parliament has come under the mentorship of the Muslim Brotherhood Group representative in Tunisia – Rached Ghannouchi.

The Tunisian MP Abir Moussi insisted that Tunisia will not be under the control of the Muslim Brotherhood Group, as the country, and its peace and security, is at risk.

The protesters chanted, “O Parliamentarians, get rid of the Muslim Brotherhood Group! O poor Zawali, they lied to you in the name of religion” (Zawali is the President of the Tunisian Republic).

The most serious and vital thing that occurred in the protest was the denunciation of the personality of Rached Ghannouchi, the head of the Tunisian Ennahdha Party (the Brotherhood) similar to our Islamic Constitutional Movement Party, which are name covers of the organizations working loyaly and sincerely for the 21st century Muslim Brotherhood Group.

In this regard, Tunisia has escalated its criticism of Ghannouchi and his party.

Among the most prominent moves is the signing of a petition to call for Ghannouchi to disclose his fortunes, which according to some estimates exceed a billion dollars, thanks to the funding that this group receives from foreign countries such as Turkey and Qatar.

When will our rational government and our slumbering MPs wake up and rid us of the Brotherhood’s pandemic, which we consider as more fatal than the COVID-19 pandemic?!

e-mail: ali-albaghli@hotmail.com

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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