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Parents seek 1st term academic certificates for ‘twelfth graders’

Bid to reserve seats at universities

KUWAIT CITY, May 30: Parents of high school twelfth graders have expressed their desire to obtain the first term academic certificates of their wards to submit and reserve seats at universities abroad, which have decided to start the new academic year.

In their statement to the daily, the parents stressed that private universities in several countries will open their doors for enrollment soon, but they fear that their children will miss seats due to the possible limited number of seats to be offered by the universities, and which would prevent them from applying on time without the twelfth grade certificate.

The parents argued that they do not have any certificate proving that their children had accomplished and passed the first term exam of their twelfth academic year, appealing to the Minister of Education and the Minister of Higher Education Dr Saud Al-Harbi to instruct concerned authorities to grant certificates to parents who wish to obtain them, and the certificates should be certified by the educational district once the total curfew is lifted and work resumes in the country.

For his part, an educational source explained that the first term certificate does not reflect the success or failure of the student. Rather, it is a score transcript granted to students who wish to obtain it from the school and can neither be endorsed by the ministry nor other authorities responsible for such certifications in the state.

The source indicated that all certificates that hold the first term’s grades for twelfth graders are published on the official website of the Ministry of Education, but they are not certified and do not carry any signatures or seals, because these certificates are not final.

Regarding the possibility of obtaining an accredited certificate, the source replied: “It can be obtained through schools and with the signature of the school principal or deputy principal, and that can happen after the current health crisis subsides and the curfew is lifted, in addition to the resumption of work in the ministries.”

With regard to the validity of the first term certificates and whether or not they are accepted by the universities, the source asserted that schools and universities in all Arab and foreign countries do not consider such certificates, hence, they are not accepted for application into their universities, because they are not final and do not represent the final performance level of the student; rather, it is only a notification of grades achieved in the first term.

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