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Panel nod must for ‘iqama’ renewal

‘No residence if qualification papers not attached’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 2: A total of 33 workers obtained the approval of the concerned committee of the Council of Ministers to review the requests submitted by companies for the issuance of new work permits to enter the country, as the Public Authority for Manpower (PAM) demanded prior approval from the committee for such issuance, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Reliable sources affirmed the suspension of the employment of holders of university or diploma certifications without the approval of the authority. They explained that companies are required to submit the certificates of their employees to the Planning and Development Sector to approve the university and diploma qualifications before applying for the renewal, transfer, or amendment of work permits.

This is because the new system is linked with different sectors, and such transactions cannot be approved in the absence of the qualification attached to the worker’s file from the concerned department. The renewal transactions in the automated system will be rejected if it is registered with an unaccredited academic qualification.

The sources revealed that the total number of workers whose certificates are approved in PAM’s automated systems exceeded 8,000. In another context, PAM has asked the State Audit Bureau to approve a contract for operating, maintaining and developing its automated system by direct order with a local company with a value of KD 1,902,933. It had submitted requests in this regard to the bureau on January 12.

To activate the services of the “As-hal” system, PAM announced the activation of 12 new clauses of employment services through the new update of the electronic system. Companies are able to add a sub-governmental contract (subcontract) to the file and amend the authorized signatory to a government contract, cancel it, issue a hierarchical ranking for the worker, and issue, amend, renew and revoke work permits for Bedoun residents. Between January 12 and January 28, the new system managed to carry out 108,000 transactions for 37,000 companies, of which 62,155 were for work permit renewals, issuance of 19,000 signature accreditation certificates, and cancellation of 5,629 work permits and 412 files of company owners.

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