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PAM team monitors health decisions implementation

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Minister opens Al-Naseem, Al-Masayel centers for vaccination

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8: The occupational safety specialist at the Public Authority for Manpower, Eng Hanan Al-Muhammad, giving the statistics of the tours carried out by the field team in charge of following up and monitoring the implementation of health requirements for women’s activities from August 2020 until last Saturday, said the team made 21,449 visits, during which 3,860 warnings were issued, 407 citations were issued, and two women’s salons were closed for not complying with the directives issued by the Council of Ministers and the health authorities.

PAM team members during the inspection tour

In a statement to Al-Seyassah daily she said the team paid surprise visits to eight hotels in the Hawalli Governorate during this week to ensure compliance with health procedures and other requirements. She pointed out there is a good level of awareness and cooperation from hotels, as the tour focuses on ensuring social distancing between individuals, providing sterilizers and disinfectants, checking temperature and wearing masks. She added there are some people who do not have awareness of wearing masks, and this is what we suffer most from, especially since we need at this stage awareness, cooperation, and a move away from complacency.

She explained the team consists of members from the Kuwait Municipality, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry, and the Public Authority for Manpower, and recently the Council of Ministers have added Interior Ministry personnel to the team. Al-Muhammad confirmed that if hotels do not comply with health procedures and requirements, they will be first warned before issuing a citation and then if the establishment fails to abide by the decisions and instructions it will be closed administratively.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health opened the Al-Naseem and Al-Masayel Health Centers to expand the areas for vaccination against Covid-19 pandemic to help the Kuwait Vaccination Center at the Mishref Fairgrounds to cope with the rush, which is part of the 35 preventive health centers in the country which will go into service after the arrival of sufficient amounts of vaccines.

Minister of Health Sheikh Dr Basil Al-Sabah, during his visit to Al-Masayel Center, said if the required number of vaccines is sufficiently available, the ministry will finish vaccinating everyone this year, and it is expected that a big number of citizens who are registered with the ministry’s online platform will be vaccinated by next September, if sufficient vaccinations are available.

He added the current studies show the vaccination capacity ranges between 250 to 300 thousand doses per month if vaccines are available, pointing out that the number of Kuwaitis eligible for the vaccine is about 850,000 and it is assumed that they will be vaccinated within 3 months, but all this necessarily depends on the availability of the vaccine. Dr Al-Sabah added there is a global problem to supply vaccines, and according to what international news reports show 10 countries have access to vaccines and the rest of the world is deprived of the vaccine.

However, he said he is optimistic about the availability of large batches of vaccines in the country within a month from now, explaining that the supply of the Pfizer vaccine is happening in a weekly manner, while the Oxford vaccine is supplied in large quantities infrequently. Al-Sabah pointed out that although the daily capacity for vaccination at the Mishref center reaches 10,000 per day, by opening the two clinics it will reach 20,000 per day, but the lack of availability of vaccines is the stumbling block for the ministry to reach the maximum number per day.

He pointed to the launch of mobile units for home vaccination in a limited manner at present but will gradually increase because of the current pressure on vaccination centers and the need for more safety measures to be taken.

This is in addition to providing, an integrated medical team of doctors, nurses and emergency medical technicians and called on all citizens and medical staff to adhere to appointments and not rush to the vaccination centers before the specified dates to avoid crowding.

He added the Military Hospital began vaccinating the front rows of its members and their families yesterday at the Ministry of Defense, the Ministry of Interior, the National Guard, the Fire Department, and the KOC Hospital as well, pointing to the continuous communication with them to vaccinate workers in the oil sectors, as well as in care homes and indicated the vaccination process has begun inside the prisons.

By Faris Al-Abdan and Marwa Al-Bahrawi Al-Seyassah Staff

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