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Pakistani husband deported wife trying to get pardon; Wife on parents residence

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I am using my husband’s ID. My husband was jailed in February because his iqama had expired 10 days before he was checked and detained. He was kept for 10 days in jail and on 11th day the Interior Ministry officials took his fingerprints and deported him to Pakistan.

My question is that, will he be forgiven or is there any way that I can try to get a pardon for him. We got his history from the Ministry of Interior and on their website the following words: intiha iqama and mamnoun were mentioned against his name. I am on my parents visa Article 18 along with the 2 children

Name withheld
Answer: First of all you must understand that any person detained and deported for violation of Kuwait’s residence rules is not allowed to return to the country for at least one year because he is banned from re-entering the country until the ban is lifted.

After a year has passed you can apply to the Ministry of Interior to have the ban lifted but it is very unlikely that officials will agree to lift the ban in view of the strict attitude of the ministry officials on the issue.

Secondly, even if the ban is lifted you must remember there are various “restrictions” on the issuance of visas to Pakistanis as any application must go through the State Security.

In view of his detention for the residence violation, it is very unlikely that he will be able to get the required clearance for the issuance of a new visa. And lastly no pardons are issued in such cases.

Simply put, there is currently no way for you to get your husband back into Kuwait. You also need to be careful of your own residence status because parents are not allowed to sponsor their married daughters unless special permission is obtained from the Ministry of Interior, through the Immigration Department.

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