Pakistani authorities seize heroin worth $1.6 million from plane

KARACHI, Pakistan, Dec 22 (Reuters) – Pakistani authorities have seized heroin worth an estimated $1.6 million hidden on board a Saudi Arabia-bound aircraft operated by Pakistan International Airlines (PIA), a customs official said on Thursday.

The packets of heroin were found in a compartment normally used for stowing trolleys, said Zahid Khokhar, a senior customs official based in Karachi where the seizure was made.

“To be exact the seized quantity is 16.7 kg (36.8 lb) estimated to worth around Rs170 million ($1.62 million),” Khokar said.

“So far no arrest has been made. Today we will examine the CCTV footage and interview the people accordingly.”

The plane was due to fly to the city of Jeddah.

In August, authorities arrested 12 employees of cash-strapped PIA following the discovery of six kg of heroin on board a Dubai-bound plane.

PIA said CEO Bernd Hildenbrand had ordered an investigation and that action would be taken against anyone found to be involved.

By Syed Raza Hassan

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