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PAAAFR provides shocking information on holdings

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KUWAIT CITY, June 19: The Funds Protection Committee has received new lists from the Public Authority for Agricultural Affairs Fish Resources with the names of MPs, current and former ministers, and a number of senior officials and family members who obtained possessions and wealth on the strength of supreme orders, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Informed sources stated PAAAFR has provided the committee – at its request – lists containing the names of those who obtained the possessions by higher orders without the conditions being met, noting that the information it obtained was vague and lacked transparency that would enable it to complete the investigation because it did not clarify what the higher orders and their sources were whether from inside or outside the organization.

The sources added, the investigation into the agricultural holdings file revealed shocking information due to the method of distribution, assignment and sale, and the exploitation of many of these plots for other than the intended purpose, stressing that given their large areas, efforts to enhance food security in the country is facing difficulty, especially at a time when difficulties are faced by the region in the face of international developments and the repercussions of the Russia- Ukraine war. The sources indicated that the committee will hold a meeting soon called for by PAAAFR, and it will also discuss the possibility of inviting members of the Ministerial Committee for Strengthening Food Security to determine the extent of its need to enable agricultural and animal plots to play their real role in supplying the local market with these products, and the negative impact on this role by holdings and farms violating the law and efforts to protect public money.

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