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think that the image of the building of Kuwait Opera, will soon overtake the image of Kuwait Towers as one of the topmost tourist attractions in the country and this does not only mean this edifice of importance but other landmarks such as the water storage tanks and the unaccountable other cultural values compared to the splendor of the unique building in terms of engineering and multi-purpose facilities.

The opera site gets distinguished political and social importance due to its proximity to the Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center in addition to the achievements of the opening of a paradigm shift in the public mood, which is tiring, after tiring past policies that favored the forces committed to the hyperbole.

Oct 31, 2016 will remain a memorable day in the political and cultural history of Kuwait, and a sign of the return of consciousness of many, and the return of the nation to the path of progress and development and enlightenment.

What we want from the authority supervising the project is to deal with this edifice in terms of global standards and not the standards of ‘our own’. For instance, when an outstanding surgeon visits Kuwait to perform precise and dangerous operations, we do not exercise control on his work.

Therefore, we must accept the opera as a package or an integrated package project, subject to the terms of the management of any opera in the world, especially in relation to compliance with the time and distance from the vulgar performances.

Generally a man from the East does not respect what is offered to him for free. To the contrary if he has to pay KD 5 or KD 10, for example, he will make it a point to wait until the last minute of the show to take the benefit of every single penny.

We are sure that the experienced American company that manages the Opera globally has the reputation and experience in the management of operas and we hope no one will interfere in the way the company staff works.  And to ward off rumors, the total cost of this huge project, which was built on 214,000 square meters, in record 22 months in terms of all international standards, and which deserves to be one of the most beautiful Kuwait landmarks and most closer to the heart, cost KD 230 million.

They are two sweet faces of the same coin — first one is the face of my friend an art lover, the spiritual father of music in Kuwait Eng Sabah Al-Rayes who I would have liked to see at the front of the audience during the inauguration of the Opera.

The other face is that of the opera singer Amani Al-Haji who was absent from the ceremony, for some reason, neither she nor I know it. We look forward to hear her voice singing in the opera hall in addition to a wonderful group we wish to see and hear in the near future.

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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