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Online renewal of visa to continue for expats outside Kuwait until further notice

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 22: The Residency affair department said that there is no new laws regarding stopping of renewal of residence for those expats who are outside Kuwait. Which means that residence will continue to be renewed for those who are residing outside Kuwait provided they have a valid passport. 

Any new law implementation will be given enough time before it is implemented. There have been rumors about those who are outside Kuwait for more than 6 months will need to obtain permission on this the Ministry of Interior stated that revocation of residence for those who are outside Kuwait for more than 6 months is non applicable at this period of time and no new law has been implemented.

Most of those who are outside Kuwait are holders of Article 22 (Family Visa) and most of them are registered under sponsors. Enough time and opportunity will be given before anything new in this regard is implemented, reports Al Qabas. There are number of expats who are vaccinated with unapproved vaccines as getting additional dose for them requires certain period of time.

Regarding opening of family visas immigration department grants family visas for those who meet required condition specially KD 500 salary. Visit visas are currently issued for commercial, investors and family visit visas.

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