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Wednesday , June 29 2022

Online fraud

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Some one used my K-NET card for online purchases three days go. He took almost KD 800. I want to know correct procedure to get my money back. I went to the bank. They told me to go to a police station. I went to a police station where the officers told me to go to court. Kindly advise me on the correct procedure.

Name withheld
Answer: Well, you are being given the run around because neither the concerned bank nor the police want to do their work. There are three ways to approach this issue.

1. Through the bank. Every bank in Kuwait — including the Central Bank of Kuwait — has a Consumer Complaint/Protection Unit through which you can file your complaint.

2. The police. You should be able to file a fraud/theft case with the police. If the police refuses to file a case please approach the Interior Ministry.

3. The courts. If the above two don’t do their work — and you know the person who defrauded you — simply file a case against him at the Palace of Justice.

Nowadays, it is very easy to check these types of complaints as every computer has an IP (Internet Protocol) number and the computer through which the transactions have been made can easily be traced by the concerned authorities — even if the computer from which the transaction is made is outside the country.

Every computer has a separate IP address. Static IP addresses remain unchanged. Besides revealing the country and city where the computer is located, it pinpoints almost the exact location of the device through the city’s ISP (Internet Service Provider). So, go ahead and take the action required so that this individual faces the legal consequences.

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