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Oh fire! Be cool as well as a means of safety for Erdogan

WE recently witnessed a group of fundamentalists in the Kuwaiti society and people who imposed on it inhibitions and prohibitions celebrating in style and in a way that they had prohibited through their fatwas and statements.

They had gathered in a diwaniya with a colorful decorated cake in front of them. Their hearts were filled with joy and happiness, according to the speaker of that gathering, as they celebrated the victory of the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan in the recent elections after he obtained more than 50 percent votes.

This is their right and we do not dispute it, as personal freedoms are guaranteed by the Constitution. Who you love and hate is up to you, but we have the right to comment on the post, which went viral on social media, of our colleague Dr Saad Bin Tifla concerning the bid’a (unorthodox) celebration of the fundamentalists.

Bin Tifla said he wondered if a group of citizens will organize such a celebration for the victory of, for example, the Iranian President Rouhani, and if such a celebration would be accepted quietly by those celebrating Erdogan’s victory! It was just a question but it was met with fury by some who had set their hopes for an Islamic Caliphate in the century led by Erdogan.

Erdogan, who is being celebrated by our fundamentalists, recently terminated the services of more than 18,000 Turkish employees of the army, police, judicial authority and administrative agency under the pretext of their affiliation to the prominent Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gulen who was accused by Erdogan of attempting to overthrow him few years ago. This was followed by the imprisonment of thousands of perceived Gulen loyalists as well as the dismissal of tens of thousands others from their positions.

Gulen is a Turkish philosopher with Islamic Sufi orientations. Some Western scholars compare him with Confucius and Aristotle who are the masters of philosophy in history.

Gulen started his life as an imam of a mosque and an enlightened Islamic scholar. He fought against secularism in the Turkish state. He and Erdogan had teamed up and formed an alliance in the beginning and then the Justice and Development Party, which they managed for many years. However, the tyrannical influence of Gulen and his charismatic ideas made tens of thousands of educationalists, religious clerics, economists, army and police officers follow him. This provoked the fury of Erdogan who does not want any competition in driving the Turkish ship. This is evident from the constitutional coup Erdogan had carried out by ensuring most of the authority is in his hands as the Head of the state.

Nevertheless, these issues are internal issues of Turkey which do not concern us because the Turkish people have the first and the last say. What astonished us is the silence of the graveyard of people who celebrated Erdogan’s victory when he terminated the services of more than 18,000 Turkish Muslims over suspicions of their belongingness to the Gulen camp.

They are the ones who blocked our ears with issues related to the verdicts in the cases of the storming of the National Assembly building and the withdrawal of citizenships of fraudsters and undeserving citizens. They cried when the representative of their largest movement, Mohamed Morsi, in Egypt was deposed of the Egyptian presidency, and when he was on trial for the crimes he and his gang committed against Egypt in the name of Islam. Islam is innocent from him and his terrorist group.

In the words of fundamentalists with double standards — “O fire … be cool and be a means of safety for Erdogan!”


By Ahmad Ali Al-Baghli

Former Minister of Oil

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