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Oh Abu Nasser, you made us proud

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

The Amir of Humanity, Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmed, the Amir of Kuwait is not only leading us out of the turbulent waters of the region but the entire world, and this has been proven by countless testimonies that he is a skilled captain.

Everyone has praised the initiatives undertaken by HH the Amir in the face of unhealthy events in our arena and that includes the reckless decision of the US President Donald Trump to shift the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem and declared the Holy City as the capital of Israel, the frivolous decision that has been opposed by the entire civilized community.

Kuwait, under the leadership of HH the Amir, who holds a distinguished position in world affairs, requested the Kuwaiti representative to the UN Security Council to call for a session to condemn the brutal Israeli actions against the Palestinians in Gaza and the West Bank.

A majority of the UN Security Council members condemned these criminal acts, but the US unfortunately cast its veto. His Highness, despite his return from a long trip to Ukraine, a day that coincided with the first day of the month of Ramadan after his arrival, and his reception the same evening to hundreds of well-wishers, focused his attention on the Mother of Arab Issues, the Palestinian issue, and accepted the invitation Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the President of Turkey, to attend the urgent summit on the implications of the disastrous decision of Trump. HH the Amir, we pray to Allah to protect him, made it clear crystal clear that: “This unilateral decision is a proof of the crisis of morals and values.

“This is a crisis that Kuwait will confront along with the international community by rejecting the status quo and dictates and adhere to fundamental rights. “The conflict with the occupier cannot be ended with unjust decisions or balances of forces contrary to our interests, but through the establishment of justice and restoration of dignity the address of which is ‘Jerusalem’.

His Highness the Amir, with his words written in gold, reflected the deep-rooted faith the Kuwaitis hold in their hearts towards the Palestinian cause since day one. “I have seen a document dated 1948 sent to the Amir of Kuwait, Sheikh Ahmed Al Jaber – we pray to Allah to have mercy on him — by well-known Kuwaiti personalities before the discovery of oil and wealth became the order of the day for Kuwait and Kuwaitis,” His Highness said.

The honorable Kuwaitis in the document expressed to their Amir their pain and grief in the face of what was happening to their Palestinian brethren who were killed and displaced by the Zionists – the Palestinians, the real owners of the land who were driven out of their homes.

In the document the Kuwaitis had requested the Amir to send money to their Palestinian brothers in humanity, Arabism and Islam. The late Sheikh Ahmad Al-Jaber approved and supported the request. We all say that what our Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad has done is an extension of continuous march Kuwait’s support for the past seven decades — our support for them (Palestinians) in a concrete and radical manner, support for their causes at all international and regional forums. They have been living among us with all dignity and respect all these decades until now, shunning the denial of some former leaders about the honorable positions Kuwait has adopted towards the first Arab cause.

Our love to our dear brothers in Palestine cannot fade because of the mistakes of some leaders, because the companionship lasts only among good people and we and the Palestinians are good people. In conclusion we have nothing to tell our leader, Abu Nasser, except that “You did it all, did it well and made us proud!” Oh, Sheikh Sabah, we pray to God to give you long life. There is no might or power except in Allah

By Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

Email: ali-albaghli@hotmail.com

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