Wednesday , January 23 2019

O Sheikh Tamim, this is how the soul of ‘Kulaib’ is restored

NO rational being will deny the fact that the region is facing danger, a threat in every sense of the word. Therefore, it is impermissible to open some doors or equivocation windows which allow the poisonous wind to blow into Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) countries.

This is due to the fact that if one of these countries is affected, it will transmit to others. This should not elude anyone in the region for us not to go into prohibitions. If it happens, obstinacy or putting blame on this and that, as well as regret, will be pointless.

Undoubtedly, everyone realizes that any bet which Gulf countries put on a party outside the GCC will fail and create more risks, because it will open the road for ‘vultures’ to complete their plan — first on the list is Israel which only thrives on division, as well as lack of peace and security in Arab countries.

Another evil ‘vulture’ is Iran which, since the revolution in 1979, has been working to destabilize regional peace, security and stability; in addition to instigating sectarian sedition, planting destructive cells and creating terror militias such as ‘Hezbollah’ that practices terrorism openly.

Moreover, Iran interferes with the internal affairs of Arab countries, especially the Gulf countries. It incorporates sectarian gangs in Iraq where it has not hidden its greed, not only in Kuwait or the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in addition to gangs like ‘al-Qaeda’, ‘Brotherhood’, ‘DAESH’ and Nusra front; since it is not a secret that Iran is their master and trainer.

All the abovementioned groups and organizations want to reach the capitals of GCC countries with the objective of establishing the country they have been wishing for.

Without any doubt, these countries will not have a place for royal houses, even those who stood with them at first or regarded the move as ‘revolution on injustice’. Hence, prolonging the current crisis will affect the formidability of national security of Gulf countries.

From here, every step towards reestablishing unity and cohesion in GCC countries is significant. Thus, the Gulf nationals were jubilant and delighted last Sept 9 when Qatari Amir Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad called Saudi’s Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman as he considered the call the beginning of steps to end the sad crisis.

Based on the above scenario and the notion that everyone’s name says something about the person, and given that the name ‘Tamim’ in Arabic means someone who is complete in character and features; the first step of His Highness Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad will affirm such notion.

Why not the first step be taken by His Highness to save ten thousand steps which he spoke about less than a fortnight ago on America’s television channel CBS?

This crisis would have ended if the initiative from Qatar came through a high ranking delegation preceded by its Amir. The delegation should have started by visiting Kuwait where HH the Amir Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah took upon himself to resolve the crisis in a bid to preserve the GCC unity.

After that, the delegation in the company of HH Sheikh Sabah should have headed to the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, the United Arab Emirates, Kingdom of Bahrain and Egypt. Undoubtedly, such a move would have spared a lot for the GCC and thwarted plans of conspirators who are currently sounding the war bell.

In this situation, we are keen on implementing the concept related to an old Arabic adage, “My brother and I against our cousin, and my cousin and I against the stranger.” This means one should avoid depending on strangers waiting patiently for the opportunity to pounce on us.

We are in 2017, not 494 AD when Abu Laila Al-Muhalhil, a.k.a Azzir Salim — a poet and warrior in pre-Islamic Arabia, did not accept the blood money of his brother ‘Kulaib’ during the battle of ‘Basus’ that continued for 40 years due to a dispute over a camel.

Azzir Salim, the hero and main character of the famous sixth century Epic of Adi which revolved around the murder of his Brother Kulaib Bin Rabia, said he would be content only if those who killed his brother could bring him back to life.

Those inciting today the revival of ‘Kulaib’ are the ones with historic greed, such as Iran, and those orbiting around them; in addition to those who are benefiting from prolonging the Gulf crisis and encouraging more headaches for members of the same house — the GCC house.

Therefore, eyes are currently turning to Sheikh Tamim bin Hamad so that he can take up his brotherly responsibility and take the initiative due to the fact that Iran is calling for restoration of the soul of ‘Kulaib’ with the intention to restore ‘Khosrow’ kingdom. This is, more or less, the mentality of someone who on death bed.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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