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‘O minister, take decision’

‘Radical changes needed’

During the inauguration of the Sabah Al Ahmad Center for Citizens Service, the Minister of Justice has called on the ministry staff to work hard to facilitate the transactions of citizens.

In fact, facilitating the transactions of citizens falls first within the priorities of the minister and then the staff of the ministry. Facilitation is not done by hope, but with real development of the justice sector.

There are still tens of thousands of notices that need to be sent to their owners. The ministry said two months ago that it will use the social media such as WhatsApp and others to deliver these messages to whom they may concern.

It is not reasonable to say that the verdicts issued every day, and the concerned persons know nothing about them? I say this because I was the victim of one such decision recently.

It is unacceptable that this problem continues or rather the tragedy when verdicts are issued by courts and the inability of the minister and his assistants to do anything in this regard, especially that there is a danger that one of the aggrieved or more would sue the ministry for negligence due to delay in receiving court notices (declarations).

On the other hand, and in order to develop the ministry’s work and make it more useful to the state treasury and the citizen, I had earlier sent a proposal to the Undersecretary of the Ministry of Justice, which he ignored.

The proposal was concerning the practices in force in many countries, such as assigning a notary to authenticate all contracts of financial nature such as lending, leasing and contracting of any type, which arise between citizens and residents and others, as ordinary persons or legal persons in return for a fee based mainly on the amount of the contract.

This will be a source of income for the Ministry on one hand, and keeping the contract with the ministry in case any of the party to the contract needs a copy of it in the event of loss of his/her copy.

The ministry’s notaries can also provide advice to the parties to the contract when observing what is required to draw the attention of one of its parties.

The Ministry of Justice, which is essential in our life, requires radical changes. Earlier, the minister and former MP Yaqoub Al-Sane, with his experience and long dealings with the ministry, carried out a series of developments in more than one sector, but the change and reshuffling of ministers did not give him the opportunity to complete some of what he started with.

The file tracking system implemented by the ministry has stopped working for too long and needs to be developed. The files of important cases have been subjected to theft or damage and this should not happen again in our modern time as several means are at our disposal to protect documents and means of tracking them. We ask the minister to take a decision.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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