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Wednesday , August 17 2022

O Health, enough is enough!

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There is no doubt that the health situation in the country, from the viewpoint of the Minister of Health and other officials, is often different from what we see from our perspective. The divergence between the two viewpoints widens as our personal or commercial interests grow larger and more complex.

Many criticized the performance of government agencies, but as soon as they assumed the reins of its administration, they continued the same approach, because they discovered the situation is different when viewed from the minister’s chair and the Diwaniya sofas.

All along we have been boasting that Kuwait is a country of equality and humanity but what we believed in has been trampled over and over again over the past two years.

As a result of the decisions of the Ministry of Health, which are justified by the majority, the interests of hundreds of thousands of citizens and residents stand disrupted, the freedom of the rest remains restricted, and as a result everyone is deprived of living a normal life, all in the name of public interest.

Perhaps I am one of the few who agree with all the procedures laid down by the Ministry of Health officials, and here I especially make a mention of the stubborn minister, who refuses to listen to reason while the ministry’s undersecretary and the rest of the staff especially the doctors who made huge efforts without which the situation would be truly tragic.

In their pursuit of health security, they made mistakes, but they were mostly unintended. Despite the many criticisms about the performance of the Ministry of Health, I am certain that no other party could have dealt with the pandemic without committing two or more similar mistakes, as the Corona disaster was unprecedented, and the way to confront it was through trial and error.

Finally, the situation calmed down and everyone began to feel almost complete freedom of movement, while commercial interests continue to feel the pinch because for them normalcy has made no difference because of the unjustified restriction imposed on the residents who cannot return to the country if they travel outside.

What prevents businessmen, experts, or engineers of construction companies and senior non-Kuwaiti managers from traveling while ensuring their return, and their full readiness to submit to home or hotel quarantine – those who have received the two doses of vaccination approved by the World Health Organization –

.0 and who are needed by several parties and are linked to contracts of vital importance, even with the state, and their presence is important for thousands of workers, or for projects worth tens of millions of dinars?

Preventing everyone from traveling and refusing the return of thousands of stranded abroad is inhuman. These are human beings, who have families inside and outside Kuwait, and they have connections and divergent interests, and it is never permissible to continue to deny their freedom to return and face their obligations.

It is said, and I do not know whether it is true or not that the government is delaying the return of non-Kuwaitis, until the residence permit of the largest number of them expires so that they cannot return, and then adjust the demographics to some extent.

We hope this is not true, and we believe that the authorities will not resort to this random method of reducing the population. We hope the Corona Emergency Committee, headed by Sheikh Hamad Al-Jaber, will work to accelerate the return of the largest number of people stranded abroad, especially those who are not affiliated with the marginal groups that are not required.

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Ahmad alsarraf

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