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Saturday , February 22 2020

Number of marriages among Kuwaitis decline

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 20: A study prepared by the Information Technology and Statistics Sector of the Ministry of Justice on the marriage and divorce cases during the past ten years show the number of marriages among Kuwaitis declined over the last 5 years, reports Annahar daily.

The study sounded an alarm bell, pointing out that the Personal Status Law No. (51) for 1984 is one of the most important reasons for divorce in Kuwait, as it encourages women since on offer is alimony, car, maid, driver and housing, and most importantly ‘their freedom’ to the extent some of them get married to get a divorce later.

The study predicted that divorce cases will increase in the coming years and expected the number to reach 8,145 in 2022, with a maximum of 8,906 cases. The study pointed out that divorce in the Kuwaiti society is high as it confirmed that the divorce rate among Kuwaitis during the past 10 years in the same year of marriage reached 5.9%.

The study explained that out of 100,017 Kuwaitis marrying compatriot women, the number of divorces was 5,926 during the year of marriage. The study also pointed to the increasing number of Kuwaitis marrying foreigner wives as the case with Kuwaiti women to non- Kuwaiti husbands due to the increase in the number of expatriates in Kuwait.

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