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Number of employees in Kuwait total 1,805,507 in 2015: report – Indians make up 25 pc of total workforce

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KUWAIT CITY, March 2: The number of employees in Kuwait, excluding the domestic workers, totaled 1,805,507 in 2015, according to the statistical report released recently by the Central Statistics Bureau. The bureau prepared the report using data collected from six governmental agencies.

These workers were then classified according to their nationalities with Indians on top as they constitute 25 percent of the total workforce at 455,228; followed by Egyptians at 419,088 or 23 percent; Kuwaitis at 342,417 or 19 percent; Bangladeshis-138,111; Pakistanis-92,136; Filipinos-72,369; Syrians-63,875; Nepalese-39,322; Iranians-26,941; Sri Lankans-24,373 while the other nationalities totaled 131,618.

On the other hand, the report revealed that the number of domestic workers reached 609,936.

Again, the Indians topped the list with 269,102; followed by Filipinos-115,767; Sri Lankans-78,009; Bangladeshis-53,627; Ethiopians-46,823; Nepalese-21,770; Indonesians-8,906; Ghanaians-4,633; Pakistanis-1,988; those from Madagascar-1,976 while other nationalities totaled 7,325.

The report includes merged databases of all employees in the government and private sectors which are linked with the Central Statistics Bureau and six other governmental agencies — Interior Ministry, Civil Service Commission (CSC), Public Authority of Social Security, Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP), Public Authority for Civil Information (PACI) and Public Authority for Manpower (PAM).

The report explained that the team in charge of sorting the merged data made the classifications as per the international standards for statistical publication in order to clearly present the information to the concerned institutions.

By Hiba Al-Taweel Al-Seyassah Staff

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