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November 4 … and the voice of mind

 ‘The more aware a person is, the more responsible he is” – Ali Shari’ati.

Severe sanctions have now been imposed on Iran. The time is up for predictions and enquiries. The sanctions have become a reality and it should be dealt with as it is. The matter is not a joke.

However, Iran’s political administration has been aroused. We say this because we are familiar with Iran’s policy and its trait of seizing opportunities cleverly. Iran uses its own tools with its special touch. It controls the game and the playing cards when it is already out of the pitch.

Now, the Persian plan is changing into a more realistic and defensive one. It is trying to deal with the situation through points. It is more important not to lose a point rather than to win points. It is better to remain in a bad situation rather than expect uncalculated surprises.

The agenda of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s visit to Oman was expected to include some items concerning Iran. I guess Sultan Qaboos bin Saeed, who is an expert in regional affairs, conveyed Persian messages. I think he was dealing with some matters for settling the upcoming situation that Iran should be part of. Iran’s existence in such situation is in preparation for an era of a different tempo in the future.

At the moment, the issue has reached the edge. I think Iranian politicians have to change their tactics. The game no longer has a place for hobbyists. It is now a game exclusively for professionals and exceptionally smart players.

Pressure imposed on the Iranian leadership is very heavy both in terms of the economy especially the critical situation resultant from the drop in the value of the Iranian currency and politically through the exhausting international decisions.

Iran is also suffering from attrition in Syria, Yemen, Iraq and even Lebanon. It has to continue paying a lot to those countries, if it seeks to continue controlling their decisions. As a matter of fact, there is no such thing as free lunch.

The solution for Iran has a number of aspects. Most importantly, it must provide practical signs of having good intentions towards the neighboring countries. This is because this region cannot bear devastating sectarian disputes especially since it is floating on a sea of oil. The step of showing good intentions involves a number of procedures.

Unquestionably, the major global powers will not allow any action that might affect the flow of oil. This issue is really serious. We know about the lack of balance of power between Iran and major countries. We also know there were agreements secretly signed during the term of former American president Barack Obama. That era represented the golden era for the countries lying on the east bank of the Arabian Gulf.

It is apparent that the Iranian leadership did not prepare well for dealing with a new American administration especially when that administration is conducted by President Donald Trump. A number of countries opposing Iran rushed to Trump and won some fruits such as cancellation of the nuclear agreement.

Iran is facing a new crisis currently. History that knows no mercy or tributes will record this crisis in detail. Therefore, the Iranian leadership has to be more flexible and deal with the present situation more positively.

During the very beginning of the crisis, Iran might have caught some candle that showed it the way. But when the crisis spreads to the interior parts of dark tunnels, Iran will search for any tiny hall to catch the light but it might not find it. Perhaps, Iranian politicians can be part of the past.

I am not fond of mixing my writing with passions. However, Iran is a neighboring country of Kuwait. As a Kuwaiti citizen, I wish the region lives in peace. I wish all countries in the region enjoy prosperity and dispose of the fabricated political burdens. I wish the regional countries will focus on economic and developmental competitions in favor of the people.

Ordinary citizens are not interested in nonsensical political disputes. They rather search for security, a job to earn his bread and butter, a house to shelter him and a school for his children.

I wish politicians will pay attention to the voice of mind/reason and think about citizens who represent the foundation of every country, not politicians. Many political regimes have dominated for long periods of time but they eventually disappeared, while people remain forever. This is what history tells us.

Twitter – @alzmi1969

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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