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All those who do not read history

Ali Ahmed Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

GEORG Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel, a German philosopher, once said, “We learn from history that we do not learn from history”. A German-Russian philosopher Karl Marx said, “History repeats itself twice, first time as tragedy, second time as farce”. A Spaniard philosopher George Santayana said, “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it.”

Former American president Harry Truman said, “There is nothing new in the world except the history you do not know”. The French author and poet Stephanie Hessel said, “Those who forget history are doomed to relive it once again”. Egyptian Najib Al-Mahfoudh once said, “The problem with our quarter is everything in Egypt is forgotten after a while”.

These glowing quotes are particularly applicable to the children of Islam and Arabs due to their mastery in not benefiting from the events of history such that the same events keep reoccurring every century but no one seems to be awake and seeking to avoid them. In this regard, it is enough to quote what our former enemies — Zionists, who have now been substituted with new enemies — represented by the first Israel Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion said, “In our war with Arabs, we depend on the fact that they are a nation that does not read …”.

This means we are a nation that has not benefited from past events and learnt any lessons from them. I read these above mentioned radiant citations from a new book published this year which is titled “Al-Khazouq” (Impalement) and written by a courageous man Pishawi Al-Qoms. This author gave me the book as a gift and I am still enjoying reading its first chapter.

The title of the book refers to the execution tool known as “Impalement” used by the Ottoman Empire to punish the opposition and enemies. It came in the form of a long stick with a pointy edge, which was inserted into the victim from the bottom and then pushed through the body to exit through the mouth. The victim would then be left on that stick until death. This book is about the dark history of the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Egypt — a testimony to the fact that the people of Egypt, who are Arab Muslims, do not learn lessons from the past. Despite their knowledge of this group being a violent non-democratic group as per its foundation in Egypt, the people of Egypt still went on to give this group the power to rule Egypt after the January 25 Revolution — a public uprising against the corruption of Hosni Mubarak and his aide. The courageous author wrote, “The transition period and revolution were preceded by the dark history of this group, which is tainted with hypocrisy, treachery and alliances of interests without any principles or values.

Since its inception in 1928 to the day when Morsi assumed power in 2013, the group maintained a legacy of bloodshed, deception and hypocrisy. They deny it and they acquire more …”. “Al-Khazouq” (Impalement) signifies the bitter surprise that the people of Egypt encountered and suffered from after the Muslim Brotherhood Group assumed power under the leadership of Mohammad Morsi. What the author said about the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Egypt applies to their noble students, wherever they are. Testimony to that fact is the disappointing stances taken by the Kuwaiti Brotherhood which had initially cursed everyone who participated in the onevote elections, but they eventually participated in the elections in order to form alliances with the devil for achieving their objectives regardless of any observation of the moral, legal and constitutional values. The Muslim Brotherhood Group is the biggest “Impalement” for those who trust them … and Almighty Allah knows best!


By Ali Al-Baghli Former Minister of Oil

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