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‘No shame in menial work’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 6: A Kuwaiti youth Abdul Aziz Najem is all set to challenge what some called the ‘culture of shame’ and is confident he can break the barrier that has kept the Kuwaiti youth in shackles over the years because they are afraid on engaging in certain occupations because of the stereotype that has been painted in the minds of some, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Abdulaziz leaves his home every morning and jumps behind the steering wheel of his tow-truck to ‘help’ motorists facing car breakdowns determined to overcome the challenges of life.

Although young Kuwaitis look for administrative work, Abdul Aziz found a different way to provide additional income. He works daily for up to 7 hours despite the hot weather and fl uctuating temperatures. The weather does not prevent him from continuing to do that he loves. Abdulaziz told the daily, he describes what he does as self help and advised the Kuwaiti youth to look for diverse professions.

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