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‘No permits for 60s decision hasty …. experience vital for future Kuwait’

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“While I was reading news from here and there about the renewal of residence permits of expatriates who are over 60 years old or may be below 60, the question is will all of them be subject to the new conditions,” columnist and former editor-in-chief of Kuwait News Agency (KUNA) Iqbal Al-Ahmad wrote for Al-Qabas daily.

Iqbal Al-Ahmad

“Not just that, I wonder what about the sons of Kuwaiti women who are married to non-Kuwaitis who currently are 30 years old, but still jobless. Their life is not stable although most of them are graduates and many of them hold high university degrees (Masters and Ph.D), while some others hold some scientific and rare specializations, but they are still living in the country under the ‘tag’ of expatriates although their mothers are Kuwaitis. Have the concerned authorities thought about this denomination of people in a different way?

“Today, I am talking about the topic of residence, but not that of nationality, because priority entails that the State of Kuwait, must benefit from this denomination of people in its capacity as the homeland of their mothers, and they should enjoy all advantages that might be given to the distinguished expatriates in the country.

“I sincerely hope the decision makers, will take into account the decisions they take and will not be in a hurry to take impromptu decisions in reaction to some campaigns that may be waged by some specific bodies or to satisfy the street reaction. “Anyway, we in Kuwait will soon be involved in a new phase of change and evolution – God willing — during which, we shall be in an imperative need to benefit from those who have contributed to Kuwait’s development instead of bringing in other foreign employees and give them the same jobs.

“Kuwait must be wary of consequences that may follow if it seeks the help of some other states through unstudied decisions such as terminating the services of people who are 60 years old and above. “In this context, we have observed that this decision has been amended more than once due to the reactions to the same, because such decisions are like a weapon to kill the expatriate community which the State of Kuwait benefits from because they extend various services which the Kuwaitis do not prefer. Moreover, the services offered by this denomination of the expatriate community shall contribute to building and development of our homeland.

“But the most strange aspect in the proposed decision in question, shows this will not be applied on the employees in the governmental sector, as if this decision wants to say that those who are working for the private sector and currently are over 60 years old, are unlike those who are working for the public sector. “In conclusion, I would like to say, didn’t I tell that these are hasty decisions and based on reactions, more than on careful study?”

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