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No, Your Highness the PM

Ahmad Al-Sarraf

IN HIS recent and only television interview, HH the Prime Minister said the questionnaires showed that the housing issue is a priority for citizens, and consequently, for the MPs. He believes security should be the first priority pointing out that when security is settled, production increases and the rest of the fields flourish.

This statement is very fine but not accurate. Despite the importance of settling security such that no people can live or achieve anything without it, this could be deceiving and fragile. The Soviet Union was keen on settling security. Security was the top priority of the Soviet Union. Nevertheless, the entire regime was exposed to a dramatic demolition due to insider corroding.

Thus, focusing on the development of righteous education and promotion of morals should be the real priority, Your Highness the Prime Minister. The mean Saddam regime cared a lot about security and it was too difficult so annoying security incidents occurred. However, the regime fell down easily because it had no moral base.

The poor production of Kuwaiti public employees and spread of idleness that you witness more than we do, in addition to security breaches and escape of many persons wanted by law, did not happen due to lack of security; they occurred due to lack of morals.

Destroying a country does not require targeting it with missiles or even a nuclear bomb. America dropped two nuclear bombs on Japan but this did not put an end to Japan. On the contrary, it was a new start which increased the power of Japanese people.

Subsequently, destroying a country necessitates allowing the deterioration of education and cheating in exams. It will then be easy to dispose people through the failure of doctors who will not be able to treat patients and unqualified engineers who will establish buildings to demolish on inhabitants. Transactions will then be delayed and rights will be wasted. This will prompt people to lose trust in the ruling regime that allowed this injustice to happen and protected the fake certificate holders. All these might occur while security is settled.

It is not important if the following story is real or fiction, but anyway, it is really significant. It is said that shortly after the fall of the Soviet Union, the CIA honored a Soviet spy who was a minister of Civil Services in Moscow. When that spy came back home after the end of the old regime, a former intelligence officer who was tasked to watch over him told him that throughout the period of watching him he never found any suspicions around him and he was sure he was never involved in spying actions with the CIA. He added that he did not even visit the American Embassy in Moscow. He asked why the Americans honored him. The former minister said, “I did nothing but employ every graduate in the wrong job which has nothing to do with their specializations.” He said he was keen on promoting and polishing the fools. He was also keen on putting obstacles in the way of smart employees and preventing their promotion to leadership and senior positions. He continued doing that job until the corrupt, elders and fools controlled all parts of the State and then it fell down easily.

Has the message been delivered, as my colleague Qais Al-Osta often says?


By Ahmed Al-Sarraf

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