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Sunday , February 23 2020

No dinner in Mubarakiya – Kuwait stands firm

Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Intisaar Al-Ma’touq
Kuwait has always avowed to be the last country to normalize relations with the Zionist regime, and this position comes from its firm conviction and stance on the Palestinian cause and approving their deserved rights.

Kuwait adopts a strong stance locally and internationally concerning the rights and obligations of Jerusalem (Quds), and the choice is not attributable to grace or kindness, as the Palestinian cause continues to be a prominent and fundamental agenda pending in the Arab and Muslim world.

Despite the calamity and misery the Arab and Muslim world suffers, Kuwait has neither circumvented nor dealt with Palestinian issue in a pragmatic perspective — despite its ability to do so.

Everybody knows about the Israeli commercial offices located in various capitals across the Arab and Muslim countries, and there’s no doubt that such offices would not have been established without signatories of the high ranking political authority. Nonetheless, Kuwait continues to decline completely inclinations of any kind toward such relations.

Several peace agreements signed between Palestine and Israel, in addition to agreements it signed with other neighboring countries have resulted in groups of Israeli tourists flocking to the Arab world. So far, we have neither seen nor heard of Israeli tourists shopping in the Avenues or organizing a conference in Al-Raya complex or even having dinner in Mubarakiya.

This is Kuwait, the country of fundamental stances; the country that respects nations and takes up unforgettable stances. She is the most stringent Arab country in dealing with the Zionist regime.

By Intisaar Al-Ma’touq


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