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Monday , January 27 2020

No compromises on our national security

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

NATIONAL security knows no compromises, and there will be no middle ground for this or that group- amid the two options of either sustaining national security or slip into chaos. We have seen the most democratic country in the world suspend human rights to confront internal threats against its existence after some citizens voluntarily went to fight with terrorists. The country in question brought from the shelves primeval laws and activated them, and decided to revoke the citizenship of the culprits, as she pursued and arrested any person its security systems raised doubts against, in terms of supporting terrorist groups.

It is true that the security systems in Kuwait launched a campaign against those who tried to drown the country in a quagmire of chaos and terrorism. In fact, such groups would have drowned the country in the sea of blood if the campaign hadn’t been launched, as they eagerly wait day and night for a chance to carry out their vicious plots against Kuwait, and to create a bridge to cross over to other GCC countries to avenge their ally. For this reason, we will not compromise our national security or any incitement against the national unity. Kuwait became an example of national unity to the international community after she paid an expensive price last Ramadan. Is it possible to compromise on this or that or consider the interference of a lawmaker or stakeholder who tries to rescue a person seeking to destroy social stability?

Before any other thing, it is worth mentioning that the anticipatory security action taken by some GCC countries saved them and the entire GCC countries from the terrorist volcano and coups that were planned at the night of the conspiracy. The conspiracies were either planned by the Brotherhood Movement or the agents of Iran but the Gulf countries were able to maintain stability in the entire region while the flame of extremism and sectarian civil war is consuming several neighboring countries.

The countries in question succeeded because they gave no consideration to any sect or faction, and did not target any person in particular while implementing the precautionary measures. The issue is not about dealing with constitutional violation or appointing an incompetent official into a specific position, but rather endangering our collective existence.

We should not forget that we are operating under a fair, transparent and firm judiciary and justice stands as the protector of everybody, meaning that whoever plans to pervert justice through undue interference before judgment delivery knows very well the risk involved in rescuing the situation. A person is afraid of allowing any issue to reach the judiciary since he is regarded as an accomplice by all standards and he’s liable to the same level of punishment meted out to offenders.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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