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Wednesday , October 20 2021

No cases of coronavirus detected among Egyptians in Kuwait

‘Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait following up developments’

KUWAIT CITY, March 2, (KUNA): The Egyptian Ambassador to the State of Kuwait Tarek Elkouny affirmed that the Egyptian Embassy in Kuwait has been following up the developments of the new coronavirus (COVID-19) and the efforts exerted by the concerned authorities to prevent its spread in Kuwait.

In a press statement, he highlighted that no cases of coronavirus infection have yet been detected among the Egyptians residing in Kuwait, adding that the Kuwaiti authorities have also not announced any suspicious coronavirus case among the Egyptians who entered the country via various entry ports in the recent times.

Ambassador Elkouny indicated about the ongoing communications with the relevant Kuwaiti authorities in this regard, especially concerning the procedures for examining Egyptians at the entry points and for issuing entry visas. He called on the members of the Egyptian community in Kuwait to abide by the preventive health measures, avoid gatherings and crowded places, and adhere to the instructions issued by the competent local authorities.

The ambassador stressed that the Egyptian consulate has adopted some precautionary measures to ensure the consular services continue to be offered to the public in accordance with the preventive instructions.

He indicated that the COVID-19 issue is receiving the attention of all Egyptian state agencies which have been following up its development locally and internationally. Ambassador Elkouny highlighted the recent meeting between the Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi and the officials of the concerned ministries, as well as the president’s directives to raise the levels of alertness for facing the emergence of any possible cases in line with the standards set by the World Health Organization (WHO).

He explained that the Egyptian Prime Minister Dr Mostafa Madbouly affirmed that his country will not hide anything in this regard and that it deals with this coronavirus crisis with full transparency. Dr Madbouly has directed the concerned authorities to implement the measures required of them within the framework of Egypt’s plan to confront the virus as well as to coordinate daily with the WHO and implement the organization’s instructions in this regard.

Egypt has also taken strict precautionary measures such as conducting medical tests at the airports and entry ports, establishing necessary medical facilities, training the monitoring teams and all medical teams on how to safely deal with such cases, and providing a strategic stock of medical supplies.

Regarding the rumors being circulated about high prevalence of the coronavirus in Egypt, the ambassador insisted that the total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Egypt to this day is only two, who are foreign tourists visiting Egypt, adding that they underwent relevant medical measures. Affirming that no cases of coronavirus infection has been recorded among the Egyptians, Ambassador Elkouny highlighted the statement issued by the Egyptian Minister of Health, Hala Zayed, who said the samples of 1,443 suspected cases were found to be negative.

He said the Egyptian Ministry of Health is following up those who were in contact with the victims of coronavirus infection from countries such as Canada and France who had visited Egypt recently to ensure they have not been infected, stressing that there is no evidence of the hypothesis that these infection cases occurred while the visitors were in Egypt. “These countries did not take any additional precautionary measures on those who arrived from Egypt, other than the disclosures that they make at the entry points for all arrivals from all nationalities”, he noted.

The ambassador confirmed that there is no interest in concealing information about the spread of the disease in Egypt, especially since Egypt is committed to the World Health Organization standards, citing the measures taken by the state in similar cases such as bird flu and swine flu. He called on all media platforms and outlets to be accurate when presenting information and not to circulate unreliable information from unreliable sources, as well as to follow up on the statements issued by the official authorities and the World Health Organization, which works closely with Egypt in providing technical advice on investigation activities and response. He reiterated that no information has been issued to indicate the spread of coronavirus in Egypt.

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