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Tuesday , February 25 2020

Nine o’clock prime news

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi

DEATH exists in the soul of every human, because it’s the ultimate reality of life. I delight in repeating the words “All of us will die someday and we are the children of death”.

Death snatches away the superior and the subordinate; the rich and the poor, friend and foe; there is an adage that “Whoever does not die by the sword, will die by something else; the ways may vary but the death is the same.” Several years ago, a friend of mine received news about the death of his beloved via the nine o’clock prime news, which ended with the list of names of those who passed away.

The anchor read the news as usual, and after the main bulletin, started mentioning the names of those who passed away on that day. The name of my friend was third on the list; from Allah we came and to Him we will return.

I spoke to my late friend four months before she passed away after we agreed to keep in touch while exchanging greetings on special occasions. We all left with the conviction of Allah’s will. From time to time, my soul becomes overwhelmed by her absence and my heart grows fond of her with passion to keep in touch by many reasons — even if petty, but I usually change my mind in the last minute. The last time I had such thoughts and hesitated to communicate, death had already stricken, leaving me with conflicting excuses.

The last excuse was the death itself. While writing the article, I couldn’t decide on whether to commiserate, remember or just write about the past incident; I haven’t forgotten the moment I bid her farewell at the graveyard. That’s why it can’t be commiseration, or else who would pity those who died decades ago? These words signify mere loyalty, fondness and happy memory with hope that we’ll meet again after leaving the mortal life … everything is possible in the hands of our Creator. I had made a special resolution in her memory not end up miserable and sad, but it wasn’t a sound resolution since the heart never stopped throbbing for her spirit, regardless.

This article will be published under someone else’s name and my name will not be mentioned for logical reasons. May Allah the Almighty grant everyone success and bestow mercy on the dead and endurance to the bereaved. From Allah we came and to Him we will return.

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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