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New ministers to take constitutional oath during today’s Assembly session

MP queries regarding power outage at airport

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 23: The National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim, during a press conference, declared that parliamentary sessions will be held on Tuesday, December 24 and Wednesday, December 25.

He explained that the session on Tuesday will begin with the protocol of declaring the formation of the new government after which the new ministers will take the constitutional oath.

This will be followed by discussion of the issues specified in the agenda of the session. Al-Ghanim revealed that he received a proposal from MP Abdul Kareem Al-Kandari and other MPs, requesting for a session to be held on Thursday, January 9 for discussing the incident that led to the death of Kuwaiti citizen Sa’ad Al-Subai’e who was run over by a vehicle while he was riding a bicycle.

He stressed that, if the MPs do not agree on the allocation of a special session for discussing this issue, another way will be found, such as discussing the issue on the sidelines of one of the sessions.

Meanwhile, MP Osama Al- Shaheen submitted a parliamentary question to the State Minister for National Assembly Affairs and State Minister for Services Affairs Mubarak Al-Harees to inquire about the reasons behind the power outage at Kuwait International Airport on Sunday, December 22 for 30 minutes. He said he wanted to know if there are any procedures included in the emergency plan for ensuring an alternative source of electricity in case of a short circuit.

MP Al-Shaheen asked why the Directorate General for Civil Aviation did not give an explanation to the public about the incident so far until the submission of this question. He asked the minister if any actions have been taken to question those responsible for this incident.

Furthermore, MP Abdullah Al- Kandari submitted a parliamentary question to the Minister of Justice Counselor Fahd Mohammad Al- Afasi about the benefit of signing a memorandum of understanding between Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (NAZAHA) and the Egyptian Administrative Control for coordinating to confront corruption and exchange experiences in this regard.

Highlighting the low ranks of both Kuwait and Egypt in the Corruption Perception Index issued by Transparency International, Al- Kandari said he wondered if this classification was taken into consideration when comparing between Kuwait and Egypt in terms of confronting corruption.

He asked about the reason behind signing such a memorandum with Egypt and not any other Arab country which has a better rank in the Corruption Perception Index. Al-Kandari enquired if Egypt has developed an effective method for confronting corruption based on the international criteria in order for Kuwait to get benefit from Egypt in this regard. In this regard, MP Khalid Al- Otaibi described the memorandum as “a real example of the inverted pyramid policy adopted by the government”.

He said this is part of the attitudes that contradict national priorities, adding that seeking help from countries that are ranked low in the Corruption Perception Index is “the real corruption”. Also, MP Abdullah Fahd said, “The memorandum represent barren political complementation that NAZAHA should have avoided in order to preserve its credibility”.

In another development, Rapporteur of the parliament’s Committee for Complaints and Petitions MP Mubarak Al-Hajraf stated in a press release that the committee held a meeting on Monday, December 23 with State Audit Bureau, Kuwait Municipality and Ministry of Defense.

He expressed his unhappiness over the fact that the representation of both the State Audit Bureau and Kuwait Municipality was not as high as required and stated by the National Assembly. MP Al-Hajraf explained that the National Assembly had previously stated that such a meeting should be attended by decision-making representatives such as minister, undersecretary, director general or deputy director general. He lamented the absence of a representative of Ministry of Defense at the meeting, stressing that this indicates the lack of respect towards the committee meeting.

MP Al-Hajraf warned the new ministers against refraining from attending the committee’s meeting either personally or by sending the undersecretary, if they want to avoid facing questioning. In addition, MP Mohammad Husain Al-Dallal submitted a parliamentary question to the National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al- Ghanim, asking him to forward it to the Minister of Finance and Acting State Minister of Economic Affairs Mariam Al-Aqeel.

He asked the minister to provide him with the decisions taken since January 1, 2019 related to appointments in supervisory positions in Public Institution for Social Security, as well as in the positions of controllers, directors of department, heads of department, deputy directors general, experts and consultants. He asked for each of their names and their curricula vitae. MP Al-Dallal asked if the relevant procedures were followed, and if there are any family ties among those appointed in supervisory positions including the members of the board of directors.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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