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Thursday , September 19 2019

New, clean Municipality


The Director General of the Municipality … The Civil Service Commission presents you the utmost sincere greetings and appreciation for your efforts and your keenness to implement the laws, regulations and decisions of the Civil Service Commission and your keenness to protect public money throughout 2018.

Who believes that the Kuwait Municipality receives a letter from a supervisory body such as the CSC which includes congratulations to the Municipality and its staff for committing no irregularities as its record shows in 2018 although it was an example of corruption a few years ago?

Today, the Kuwait Municipality has become a different thing. I and others are happy with the almost tangible daily development through our and my continued personal dealing with various departments with the remaining effects of backwardness and deterioration.

 The Kuwait Municipality has transformed from a focal point of corruption to a pioneer in the development and care for public money, which is not easy, thanks to the Director General of the Municipality and the political leadership supporting him.

 The Director-General of the Municipality could not do anything, or violate any law and not be involved in combating any theft, but only to ‘turn a blind eye’ to achieve millions for himself, but he sought to expose the centers of corruption, and hit at the core and referred the accused to the Prosecution, and recovered millions of dinars stolen from the public money that some tried to loot.

Not only did that, but he has also developed the municipal control systems, licensing of various activities and building permits of all kinds, while closing gaps of corruption in the documentary cycle, without delaying their speed, and simultaneously supervising engineering offices, punishing and preventing corrupt employees from working.

Without the power of Ahmad Al-Manfouhi and his clean hand and honesty, it would not have been possible to stop the theft of land and the exploitation of state property which included hundreds of thousands of square meters.

The qualitative move made by the Municipality, which I personally saw through a valuable lecture published by the newspapers on Sunday (April 7), promises a new Kuwait that will see results in the next few years in the form of more beautiful beaches, more spacious grounds and more beautiful markets.

We would like to thank all the members and senior officials of the Municipality, and we hope that all of us will participate in supporting their efforts, even with patience for shortcomings, and ask to keep Eng. Ahmad Al-Manfouhi as Director-General, and not appoint a minister, only after he finishes his big message in cleaning the Municipality and ends the development of its systems.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf

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