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New born twins named “Corona” and “Covid” in India

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The Corona virus and its news dominated the world. In Indian state of Chhattishgarh amid a complete closure in various parts of the country, due to the epidemic. a couple decided to name their newborn twins as “Corona” and “Covid”

The twins, male and female, were born in a government hospital in Raipur, the state capital, on March 27 two days after the complete closure was announced which disrupted daily lives states British newspaper The Independent.

And the couple said “The two names will remind them of the difficulties that the two faced before the birth of the twins in hospital”.

Pretty Verma 27-year-old mother of twins, said they had found no help as their family members had not been able to reach the city of Raipur because of the complete closure.

“As the vehicles stopped moving, we arrived at the hospital late at night after much suffering, and after all these difficulties the birth took place, we wanted the names to be remembered and unique.”

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