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Sunday , February 23 2020

‘New airport to tackle rush for next 50 years’

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 21: Project Manager at Kuwait International Airport Terminal 2 Project Engineer Faisal Al-Ostadh revealed that 50 percent of the foundation stage of the building has been completed, while foundation for the main terminal has reached 70 percent and concreting of the services tunnel has attained 30 percent completion, reports Al-Qabas daily.

Engineer Al-Ostadh announced that action is set for the second aspect of the projects entailing car parks and service rods to be floated in the first quarter of this year at a total cost of KD 250 million, followed by the third series meant for aircraft hangars (parking spaces) toward the end of the year at almost the same cost. He stressed the current airport could be completely abandoned after completion of the project, because the new terminal was designed to accommodate 25 million passengers per annum, while the capacity of passengers is expected to be around 2032. He reaffirmed that “capacity of the airport makes it ready to serve the needs of the country for the next 50 years”.

He also said the contract signed with Turkish Lemak Company is valid for six years but the contractor has pledged to deliver within four years. “That’s why the Ministry of Public Works hastened procedures to float the two other aspects since their duration is shorter”.

Meanwhile, after years of hard work, Kuwait Encyclopedia has launched its website to highlight the march of many Kuwaitis, who lived on the land of the country and grew up on its coasts, in exerting tremendous efforts to serve Kuwait and humanity. Through its website (www.kuwaitencyclopedia. com), the encyclopedia has been able to gather as much information as possible about Kuwaiti personalities who played a significant role in the development and advancement of Kuwait, as well as raise its foundations and highlight the name of Kuwait in international forums.

It is regarded as the biggest Kuwaiti encyclopedia ever with vast number of articles that provide comprehensive and accurate information. This comes at a time when Arab content on the Internet has severe shortage of Kuwaiti personalities. Kuwait Encyclopedia intends to add more articles on Kuwaiti personalities this year in order to facilitate the mission of academics, students and readers by offering them with general knowledge about Kuwaiti personalities from an Arab cultural, historical, and educational perspective. It also seeks to make the best use of this information in all fields especially in scientific and research fields.

The encyclopedia comprises of 17 main fields, including all fields of Kuwaiti society in order to present topics in a more accessible and reliable manner. It relies on the basic search method and has been linked with international search engines in order to ensure its contents reach a large number of visitors.

It is worth mentioning that Kuwait Encyclopedia has opened the door for the Kuwaiti society to add articles about new personalities by inserting articles and pictures to the site in an effort to facilitate the documentation of the biographies of Kuwaiti personalities who contributed to the renaissance of Kuwait. This will make Kuwait Encyclopedia one of the most important digital knowledge sources in Kuwait and the Arab world through provision of largest and most comprehensive content in a different and simplified manner

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