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Thursday , October 21 2021

Nepali maid accused of beating of infants says overworked, didn’t mean harm

KUWAIT CITY, June 23: Reacting to news reports about two Kuwaiti infants severely beaten by an Asian maid yesterday, a large segment of citizens and residents say the maid must be punished severely for committing this inhuman act.

On the other hand, from a legal and security point of view the investigator of the Sabah Al-Salem Police Station has ordered the continued detention of the maid to determine her mental state as the condition of the infants continue to improve.

In the meantime, the maid has been charged with assault, beating and causing severe injury and causing intentional injury to the victims or even attempted murder.

A security source told the daily the Asian maid said during interrogations yesterday that she has been taking care of feeding, cleaning the house and bathing 5 children of all ages, including the two babies, and that her sponsor and her husband are always allegedly busy and she cares for all children from morning until bed time.

The maid also said the burden is heavy on her and that she could no longer tolerate the inconvenience caused by the five children, noting that she did not mean to harm the infants, but was accustomed to beating the children in order to calm them down, as well as to raise and feed the five children, in addition to doing all the house chores.

The defendant reiterated again and again that she did not intend to harm the infants, indicating that she had raised 3 of the victims’ brothers. The parents denied what the maid claimed that all responsibilities were dumped on her in addition to raising the children and said these allegations are to evade guilt. Earlier it was reported that a female servant of Nepali nationality severely beat two 7-month-old infants in Sabah Al-Salem, and their father had rushed them to the hospital in critical condition.

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