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Saturday , August 13 2022

Neither the Levant nor Yemen for Iran

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IRAN’S illusions have begun to fall in front of a storm of reality that the leaders of the Mullah regime had tried to falsify with colors of revolutionary slogans and divine victory. The situation can be explained by the popular Arabic proverb – “Neither the Levant’s dates nor Yemen’s grapes were reaped by Iran”. Instead, the coffins of Revolutionary Guards’ fighters are piling up at Damascus airport waiting to be transported to Tehran.

As for “Yemen’s grapes” and its missed season, the answer to the Iranian missiles launched by the Houthis against the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia came from the new American administration, which vowed to Tehran that it would be different from its predecessor.

However, President Joe Biden expressed more keenness than Donald Trump concerning the relations with the Gulf states. He openly demanded an immediate cessation of the Iranian intervention in Yemen, and made a clear pledge to continue to cooperate and support the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in confronting threats and protecting its sovereignty and lands.

This American stance was quickly met by the Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif when he said, “We (Iran) extend our hand to Riyadh and invite it to reach out to us.”

Before him, there was a clearer message from the Deputy Parliament Speaker Hussein Amir Abd Al-Lahyan through a statement in which he said, “Iran is the most important neighbor of Saudi Arabia and it can count on us during bad circumstances.”

This talk, which was wrapped in the usual Persian arrogance, is nothing more than a political show, in which the Mullah regime rips its clothes off piece by piece. Each time it does so, its ugliness and its weakness become more evident to such an extent that it has become like a cat stuck in a corner and unable to even meow. When it meows, it is the meow of an empty drum that makes a lot of noise.

During the 42-year rule, the Mullahs spent hundreds of billions of dollars on their military and nuclear projects, and supported terrorism in Arab, African and Western countries, but the result was zero benefit.

All efforts exerted by Iran in various expansionism projects have failed, either in Lebanon where the Hezbollah has not managed to tighten its grip on Lebanon but it is in fact now killing its peaceful opponents because it is afraid of their bold word, or in Iraq where the pawns of Tehran have been able to extend their control over the nation, which revolts daily against them.

Their operations turned to sabotage Bahrain and their disasters, and their terrorist cells in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia increased their international and regional isolation.

In front of this picture, the threats that the Iranian supreme leadership make about destroying American forces in the Gulf, or striking Saudi Arabia and annihilating Israel are nothing more than cosmetics for the media directed at home.

They are well aware that any bullet their forces fire at Saudi Arabia, the American forces, or Israel will be met with a tsunami so fiery that Iran will not be able to withstand the fury.

This is after the Mullah regime pushed the country into the core of the storm, and it is then that it will realize what calamity it has brought upon itself.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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