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Tuesday , January 26 2021

Nasrallah … Witness who saw everything

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

A FEW days ago, Hassan Nasrallah emerged proudly to give his speech as though he had achieved a great victory. He revealed what he had been trying to conceal for decades, shifting doubts about his gang’s responsibility on the disaster that hit the Beirut Port, and smiling over the bodies of 160 martyrs and thousands of wounded, missing and homeless, with his wooden words. However, if the deceased were Iranians, he would be crying and mourning for a long time.

Nasrallah, who claims to have had no knowledge about the port even though he is the “witness who saw everything”, denied having warehouses in that area. He claimed that he did not control this vital port, which is in fact one of the smuggling arteries through which his militias bring in or pass all kinds of contrabands.

The people of Lebanon are refusing to accept the claims made by Hezbollah’s leader in this regard.

How is it possible that Nasrallah – the “specialist in the port of Haifa”, as he said – have knowledge of the whereabouts of ammonium nitrate in Israel and possess the most accurate details of the Lebanese arena but fail to know anything about the port of Beirut?

How did his gang receive 100,000 missiles, as he claimed in his sermons, that were provided to him by Iran, if he did not control all the ports from the far south to the far north as well as the land crossings along the Lebanese-Syrian borders, in addition to the Beirut airport?

Rather, how can the Lebanese and others believe that Hezbollah, whose elements are present in most state departments and security services, are not aware of the contents inside stowage 12 and other port stowages?

Were these missiles launched by parachutes? Did they grow out of the ground or were they passed through those crossings and ports?

How can his gang know what is in Israel but be ignorant of what is happening right outside the bunker in which their leader takes shelter?

For the sake of argument, let us assume that Hezbollah has no relation with what happened, and its hands are clean in regard to the victims of this “nuclear” explosion.

If that is the case, why is this gang and its leader not accepting an international investigation committee to prove its innocence of this historic crime, especially since it can at least eliminate the possibility of another civil war ignited by the stowage 12?

Doesn’t his refusal lead to accusations against his party, as though he already knows that an international investigation will inevitably lead to uncovering the truth? Worst of all, he is expecting indictment of the crime of assassination of martyred prime minister Rafiq Hariri and his companions, so we wonder if Nasrallah will be able to sustain another crime.

Today, a week after this horrible catastrophe, Hezbollah and its leader have been exposed. They are now about to face justice, especially after they began to sweat over the Parliament – the puppet that he and his other ally Nabih Berri (Speaker of the Parliament of Lebanon) used for a long time.

This could be the beginning of the collapse of the government of advisors, as the Lebanese are calling for an international investigation, which leaves nothing for this gang Hezbollah apart from igniting the street, undermining and sabotaging progress, and taking advantage of the Lebanese people’s revolution to burn whatever is left of Beirut.

Because Hezbollah is cornered, it seems as though it is ready to bring down the entire structure in the “let it fall on me and my enemies” manner. This can only be avoided if the international community steps in immediately to root out this criminal gang.

Will the United Nations rescue and save Lebanon from entering the Hell that countries like Somalia, Libya, Iraq and Syria are struggling to come out of?

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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