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Napoli pizza seller – Deeds say it all

Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Yusuf Awadh Al-Azmi
Italy is famous for its cuisine particularly its pizzas and pastas. There are thousands of restaurants in many countries around the world that serve pizza. Most of them use Italian names for marketing purposes in order to attract customers.

Pizza is not only a popular meal in Italy but it is part of its heritage and culture as well as a high-valued investment. Due to excellent marketing and promotional activities, it has been made famous.

When I went to Italy for a visit, my companion expressed interest in tasting the authentic Italian pizza. We fulfilled this desire on Venice beach. It was just an ordinary meal with a piece of wide and thick bread topped with slices of vegetables, meat and sauce, but it was served hot and was quite scrumptious. We eventually discovered that the taste of pizzas differs depending on the chef and the way the pizza is baked.

Napoli is a coastal touristic city in Italy which is famous for its pizza restaurants like many other Italian cities with several notable restaurants and cafes.

A friend of mine, while visiting Italy, noticed many customers and tourists at a particular old restaurant where only pizzas were being served.

He decided to try the pizza there and had to wait for over an hour for a table. When he finally tasted the pizza, he was astonished by how delectable the pizza was. He then realized that the unique taste of the pizza was the reason behind the fame of this old and humble restaurant which was located in a small area.

The role of the management is quite obvious as the restaurant owner is keen about the most important aspect of his restaurant which is the quality of the pizza he serves his customers and he invests his money accordingly.

Despite the humble state of this small restaurant, it became successful by serving pizzas that were made using special recipe and which earned the admiration of his customers. There is a saying that those who visit Napoli and fail to taste the pizza there have actually not visited Napoli!

The points to note from this include the fact that good work decorates its owner and mirrors his ethics and personality. Work must involve honesty and sense of duty particularly if it is related to efficiency in performance.

Accepting other personalities is not easy but someone who can manage this well is the efficient employee Yara Shoaa who works as a coordinator for patients in Kuwait’s Health Office in the USA.

I did not meet her yet and I do not know her personally. Moreover, I have never traveled to the USA but I know many patients and their companions who praised her good mannerism and behavior in dealing with them. Because of this, I believe I must at least mention about her in my article. She is a good example of an efficient employee who deserves appreciation.

By Yousef Awadh Al-Azmi

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