‘My brother not involved in running over Egyptian’ – Kuwaiti blames friend

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 5: Abdulrahman Al- Dousari who has been accused of killing an Egyptian by hitting the victim with his car in Hawally, is innocent, says Nouh Rajih Al-Dousari — brother of the accused — in a recent interview with Al- Anba daily.

During the interview along with another brother — Nawaf, Nouh stressed that he and his relatives have good relations with Egyptians whom they regard as family.

The brothers pointed out that it is unacceptable for any Kuwaiti to run over another person to death, asserting the real culprit must be punished.

Indicating he was surprised when he found out that his brother was accused of killing the Egyptian, Nouh disclosed a video clip of the incident that has been uploaded on YouTube proving his brother is innocent.

The daily got a copy of the video clip which was also forwarded to the Public Prosecution. Nouh explained his brother disembarked from the car, which the latter used when he went to Ardiya, before the running over incident.

He said another person, probably one his brother’s friends, might have used the car and hit the victim. He added his brother is now in his last year in the Faculty of Media and he will be graduating soon.

He went on to say his brother’s dream is to be a great media practitioner and he has never been involved in any case before, stressing his brother loves their parents.

He revealed that on the day of the incident his brother was sleeping in his room and later received a call from a friend, identified only as A.A., who informed him through WhatsApp that he was in a commercial complex in Hawally with many Egyptians around him.

He said Abdulrahman went out to help his friend but he was not involved in the running over incident. “When I met my brother, he told me that he went out to help his friend. He found around 25 to 35 Egyptians attacking his friend, so he helped the latter escape from the scene because he saw the Egyptians holding batons and sticks to beat the friend. While moving out of the location, he collided with another car so he tried to reverse but the vehicle stopped. He then left the car with his friend inside and he was surprised to see the car running over the Egyptians but he did not know who was driving it. Maybe, his friend moved to the driver’s seat and hit the Egyptians. “I never suspected my brother of being involved in the incident because he is peace-loving and he is not violent. The video uploaded on YouTube showed my brother, who was clad in disdasha, was outside the car during the running over incident. Unfortunately, my brother’s friend was released on the same day without bail in spite of the fact that he was involved and even implicated my brother in the case,” Nouh added.

Towards the end of the interview, Nouh and Nawaf appealed to Deputy Premier and Interior Minister Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid to look into the case and conduct proper investigation in order to find the truth and punish the real culprit.

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