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Saturday , September 26 2020

There must be a solution – Misery at airport

Ahmad Al-Sarraf
Ahmad Al-Sarraf

Time will pass slowly, and reform will take years before we see a breakthrough in the development of Kuwait — miserable and sad and desolate and damaged and dirty airport, with all its facilities.

If I was the president or director of the airport, I would be ashamed of being at the helm of affairs of this important facility and its dire situation which cannot be accepted.

The moment you reach the airport, you step into mayhem, be it the attitude of the employees, the treatment, the security, and the dirty bathrooms, to name a few.  This cannot be accepted by the people who love their homelands.

Is it because of the project which is in the pipeline to construct a new building which may be delayed for two or three years, or another terminal will may or may not be completed after five or six years?

The issue is urgent and requires direct and personal intervention of the Prime Minister. The Premier must issue orders to the Ministry of Interior, Finance, Customs, Public Ports Authority and all those who are concerned to find quick solutions to end the misery at the airport. The pain is too deep and the situation cannot be allowed to continue further.

A few days ago I arrived at the airport, and I was surprised to find the glass door leading to the arrival hall locked and this has happened to me on two occasions before. Passengers had to wait for ten minutes before the securitymen opened the gate.

From there I went to the bathroom in the arrival hall after the completion of entry procedures. I was shocked to find the bathroom floor ‘flooded’ with dirty water.

I was overcome with pain and sorrow and my eyes were filled with tears to see this misery. Although I am suffering from prostate, I left the place without answering the nature’s call.

I took photos and videos to post them on Twitter, and left the place, with a bladder filled with urine about to explode. I must say with a broken heart that this is the miserable condition of the airport of my homeland.

We reiterate that this is what is happening daily and hundreds of thousands of passengers who use our airport continue to suffer. A person who has a conscience cannot accept this.

We cannot believe that there is no solution and that everyone must shut their mouths and close their eyes until the construction of an annex to the building is completed after two or three years.

email: habibi.enta1@gmail.com

By Ahmad Al-Sarraf


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