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Musk and Caliphate capital

One fine day we will get up in the morning and discover that the price of a liter of oil is equal to ten liters of water. This will be a blessing in disguise for majority of the oil importing countries but a curse to the backward countries which solely depend on oil as the only source of income. For them it will be a question of survival.

In spite of all this, these backward countries are still moving on the same track. These countries are preoccupied with ever increasing the salaries of their employees, sending people into early retirement and insisting on the establishment of unnecessary committees and until now have been unable to curb expenditure.

A few days ago, I wrote about the Tesla Electric Company which is a concern to oil producing nations. The production of this car should have ‘opened’ the eyes of both the members of the National Assembly and the Council of Ministers.

But unfortunately, my article fell on deaf ears and instead they boasted of owning the vehicles produced by this company and boasted in front of the National Assembly building.

The world’s dependence on fossil fuel is on constant decline, especially in the developed nations; the most fuel consuming nations which have turned to renewable and clean sources of energy.

The day I wrote about Tesla cars I was flooded with messages of disregard. Some even cited the lack of seriousness of the company after Toyota sold its share, but the day the price of the company’s share rose from $339 to $375, it indicated the investors’ confidence in the company and our ‘indifference’ to what awaits us.

Elon Musk, who became the CEO of Tesla at a later stage and contributed to the development of its electric cars, the solar panels and high-energy lithium ion batteries in energy storage, is one of the geniuses in the West today and constitutes a great risk to backward countries despite their funds and scientific and technical capabilities, which far exceed the reserves of many countries.

Musk was born in 1971 in South Africa, migrated to Canada at the age of 17, obtained the Canadian citizenship and graduated from one of the best universities.

In 1995 Musk moved to California to get a PhD in applied physics and materials science at the Stanford University. He abandoned this program after two years to pursue his aspirations in the areas of the Internet and renewable energy.

In 2001, Musk became an American citizen and founded the SpaceX and earned billions of dollars in contracts from NASA. In 2012, his company successfully entered the history books by helping send a missile to the International Space Station, docking with it, returning to Earth and becoming the world’s largest and best private sector producer of rocket engines.

This genius believes that human development and life on earth took billions of years, but the events of the past 60 years made him feel that we will end life on our blue planet soon, and it is therefore necessary to find another shelter for human beings.

Musk was influenced by the science fiction writer Isaac Asimov, who believed that the discovery of outer space is necessary for the preservation of species and human conscience and his fictional novels prompted Musk to keep thinking and working on other planets, fearing the dangers on earth.

The fortune of Musk is estimated at more than $15 billion. He dreams of changing the world around him and will certainly do so, knowing that he does not know where Kabul is or what is the capital of Abu Bakr Al-Baghdadi.

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By Ahmad Al-Sarraf



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