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Murdered Filipinos husband to be arrested and extradited to Kuwait from Egypt

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KUWAIT CITY, March 21: The Egyptian expat born in 1976 who strangled his Filipino wife and left to his homeland on Sunday evening accompanied by his 16 yr old son and 17 yr old daughter and third son (infant) was left in the nursery so that no one would suspect him that he was traveling with his other children so that no one would doubt and prevent him from traveling.

An expat who is working as a guard informed the Ministry of Interior that he had received an audio message from an Egyptian expat in which he stated that his wife was dead and was inside the apartment and he had to notify the police. As soon as the information was received from the guard, the Ahmadi security forces accompanied by Director of Investigation Col. Omar Al Rasheed reached an apartment in the Mahboula area, where the body of Filipina expat was found. There were traces of suffocation on the neck, and the body was referred to the forensics department to know the exact cause of death.

While investigating the residence of the building it was known that the relationship between husband and wife was good and they did not hear any sound of quarrel. Investigations are underway to find the circumstances and reason. Meanwhile Kuwait authorities are working with Egyptian authorities to arrest and extradite the accused so that legal measures can be taken against him. The security agreement between Kuwait and Egypt allows exchange of criminals.

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