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Mulla leaders, take a leaf out of Korea

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

SINCE 1979 Iran has been banking on empty threats and intimidations and each time a file is closed, it opens another. Tehran’s main agenda these days is the nuclear agreement, which the Iranian leaders saw as divine victory.

After the Americans showed their determination to suspend it, Iran’s Minister of Foreign Affairs Muhammad Javad Zarif responded by saying Iran will enrich more uranium.

Perhaps, the Mullas need to take a leaf from North Korean history, the nation that provided them with the nuclear technology and ballistic missiles. Since the division of the Korean Peninsula in the early 1950s, the North Korean leader Kim Il-sung, armed to the teeth with weapons of mass destruction which he acquired at the cost of his people made it a norm to indulge in the ‘politics of threats’.

The politics which were inherited by the son and grandson of the North Korean leader brought more isolation and stark poverty to Pyongyang until Kim Jong-un, the current president, finally caved in to the advice of his ally, China.

The advice was that the world will not allow new members to join the nuclear club and that the only passage out of the isolation is through a settlement with the United States of America.

By agreeing to settle the issue with the US, North Korea may have paved a way to a strong economic future just like its southern neighbor which today is considered to be one of the 20 top advanced nations in the world.

The empty circle in which Pyongyang has been orbiting for about seven decades came to a stop with the declaration by the nation’s leader to cease the production of ballistic missiles and shutting down its nuclear site, in addition to acknowledging the reality of issue.

The world, since the end of the World War II, was convinced that the catastrophe of Hiroshima and Nagasaki in Japan was the beginning and the end in terms of the use of weapons of mass destruction. Nonetheless, today, even the countries which possess these weapons do not entertain even an illusion of engaging in nuclear warfare which will bring humanity to extinction.

Perhaps, this could be the reason why the former Israeli prime minister David Ben-Gurion said when he inaugurated the Dimono nuclear plant in 1963, “The nuclear weapon will never benefit Israel; what will make it a strong country is pitting the Arab countries, especially Egypt, Iraq and Syria getting in civil and sectarian conflicts.” Does Iran — which is shunned globally because of its interference in the internal affairs of other countries, especially its neighbor, and its efforts to possess nuclear weapon — will lure the world onto its side? It is time for Iran to realize that it will not only be the beginning and the end of the Mulla regime, but the bombardment and destruction of its infrastructure will push them on the brink of Stone Age.

As this scenario unfolds, the Iranians will continue to suffer from poverty because the peacock regime has been spending billions funding the terrorist groups in the region and around the world.

Without any doubt Zarif and those who support him such as Hassan Rouhani and Ali Khamenei, and the entire leadership, must have realized that, the only way to prevent and delay the battering of Iran is to give it ample opportunity to return to its senses through dialogue.

However, when the uranium enrichment increases in retaliation for the suspension of the nuclear deal by the United States, those who have been playing the game of intimidation and threats will cave in and ask for forgiveness. However, kneeling and surrendering will be of no use, because opportunity will have long gone and now it is time for retribution.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times


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