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Wednesday , April 24 2019

Muhammad bin Salman … let them fight windmills

Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

WHY this fierce campaign against Saudi Arabia happening at this moment? This question is being raised every time a campaign is waged against the Kingdom, since the start of the radical reform process three years ago.

Those aware of the dimensions of this process know very well that behind the pile are interests which have been damaged locally and internationally. If this audacious process began in 1970 when the Gulf countries embarked on reforms, the discrediting and destabilization campaigns would have started since then.

Indeed, the Kingdom went through various political turns within that period. Arab political regimes and forces worked towards portraying it as a medieval State.

We all remember the animosity of Jamal Abdul-Nasser due to Egyptian intervention in Yemen which ended in miserable failure, then the veracity of Saudi’s position was proven years later.

Within that period, the Kingdom opened itself towards reviewing its academic curriculum. It sought experts from other Arab countries, but it became clear later that these experts had personal agenda which differed from the national agenda.

The curriculum laid down at the time led to imposition of fanaticism as the general behavior of young students. In the past two decades, it reached the level of ‘takfir’, killing and regarding State establishments as infidels.

In fact, some even went to the extent of murdering their parents as it happened when al-Qaeda and ISIS appeared.

Nonetheless, these incidents remained in their narrow framework because majority of the people foiled attempts to contravene national and social fundamentals.

Hence, we saw how the measures taken by Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman under the directives of King Salman to implement economic and social reforms brought about division — those who support and those who are against such measures, but the supporters outnumbered the opposition that still live in the dark caves of extremism and fanaticism.

Those aggrieved by the reforms — unfortunately some of them are members of the royal family, and those living on corruption and bribes who have a network with limited influence in Saudi society and have suspicious links — whether political or economic — ended up resorting to foreign influence in order to protect their corrupt network and to discredit the reforms and strategy of the country, as well as the programs of the Crown Prince.

Indeed, the measures taken to revitalize the Saudi economy created fierce enemies for the Crown Prince. They started to discredit his abilities by claiming he is young and a novice in public work, forgetting that the soundness of mind has nothing to do with age.

Many young leaders in the world initiated the growth and prosperity of their countries, making them join the ranks of advanced countries. They also tend to forget that the founder of the third Kingdom of Saudi Arabia King Abdulaziz was 19 years old when his movement started from Kuwait towards retaking Riyadh.

These people do not leave any door of conspiracy without knocking on it starting with Iran, Turkey and countries which are eyeing the Kingdom. In addition, these people have approached political bodies with special agendas, especially the Muslim Brotherhood members who have been striving for decades to control the two holy cities by describing them as Islamic spiritual centers from where they can dominate other parts of the Muslim world.

I remember the statement of the late Prince Nayef bin Abdulaziz in his interview with Al-Seyassah daily in 2002: “The Muslim Brotherhood is the source of calamity.” This statement came to mind when the reckless media and political waves started to hit in the wake of the disappearance of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi in Turkey.

The scenarios and fake news about his murder and dismemberment are like fictional police stories which even the minds of screenwriters in Bollywood and Hollywood could not create. The entire story is limited to one thing — there is a disappearance case which needs clear evidence, not disgraceful and deceitful campaigns and incitement against Saudi Arabia.

After the previous failures — whether in Yemen or other files, those behind this latest campaign want it to be the last straw which breaks the camel’s back. However, they tend to forget that this desert camel has an outstanding ability to endure and persevere in a manner that defeats its antagonists. Every hay thrown into its path is burned by actual matches.

In all of the past experiences, Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman proved to have defied the growling windmill. He moves towards building his country while his antagonists are falling one by one, whether as individuals or countries, just like how the desert autumn leaves fall.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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