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MPs To Submit Bill To Punish People Who ‘Abuse’ Kuwait Or Leadership

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 29: Several MPs plan to submit a bill during the next National Assembly session to punish any person who ‘abuses’ Kuwait or the leadership of the country inside and outside the country, reports Al- Shahed daily quoting parliamentary sources.

The same sources said such people will be accused of treason and the punishment will be imprisonment and withdrawal of the nationality irrespective of the position of these people.

According to sources, some politicians tend to tarnish the image of their country when they are abroad in an attempt to put pressure on the government and state institutions in an attempt to force them to bow to their demands.

The Head of the National Assembly Committee for Foreign Affairs Hamad Al-Harshani said he is surprised at the behavior of MP Abdul Hameed Dashti who abused Kuwait in his quest to discredit the country abroad. He went on to say what Dashti said in Geneva does not add up because his statement is tinted sectarian objectives. Dashti alleges members of the Hezbollah cell were tortured by the security agents. This is a pure falsification of facts and demanded strict action against him. MP Saud Al-Huraiji also denounced what has been said by Dashti in Geneva. He said his statement is a crime of high treason.

A recent traffic awareness message issued by Security Media Department of Ministry of Interior to the people of Kuwait has become a subject of ridicule among the users of social networking websites because of the use of colloquial language. Kuwaiti citizens and residents criticized the use of colloquial speech in the message especially since it was concerning security and traffic safety, and was issued by an official authority which should have used formal language. They explained that the language used is suitable for addressing people in diwaniyas or gatherings but not on a public scale for urging the people of Kuwait to comply with the traffic law, insisting that the campaign should portray a professional aspect to reflect the importance of commitment to the laws of the country.

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