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Saturday , August 13 2022

MPs jostle for Speakership post

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KUWAIT CITY, Dec 9: The 37 MPs-elect, who met Wednesday in response to the invitation of MP-elect Dr Abdulkareem Al-Kandari, agreed to vote for MP-elect Badr Al-Humaidi as National Assembly Speaker. In a press statement after the meeting, Al-Kandari confirmed the above mentioned agreement; adding that a committee was formed to organize the next meeting and the agenda.

The committee consists of MPs-elect Dr Hassan Jawhar, Dr Badr Al-Dahoum, Al-Saifi Mubarak Al-Saifi, Saleh Ziab, Badr Al- Mullah and Muhammad Al-Mutair. Al Kandari added the third meeting will be held in the house of MP-elect Marzouq Al-Khalifa on Saturday. Meanwhile, MP-elect Abdulaziz Al-Saqaabi revealed in a press statement that the withdrawal of MP-elect Muhammad Al-Mutair from the Speakership race resolved the dispute during the previous meeting held in the house of Al-Dahoum. He affirmed all those present in Wednesday’s meeting will vote for Al-Humaidi as Speaker.

MP-elect Dr Badr Al-Dahoum disclosed that he received calls from MPs-elect Yousef Al-Ghareeb and Salman Al-Helaila who affirmed their commitment to the agreement to vote for Al-Humaidi as Speaker. MP-elect Al-Saifi Mubarak Al-Saifi said the people’s choice, which was revealed in the 2020 parliamentary elections, will be put into action now; while the former speaker’s violation of the Constitution and the Assembly Decree will end soon. MP-elect Musaed Al-Ardi pointed out that if Al-Humaidi gets less than 37 votes on Dec 15, it implies government’s interference in the voting process.

MP-elect Soud Bu Saleeb asserted the government should abstain from voting for the next Speaker and leave the decision in the hands of parliamentarians who represent the people. MP-elect Farz Al-Daihani added an agreement has also been reached to ratify laws on general amnesty and amending the number of constituencies.

By Saeed Mahmoud Saleh Arab Times Staff

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