Monday , December 17 2018

MPs … Gradually moving towards ‘solution’

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

IN an attempt to revive old wounds, 39 MPs agreed on discussing the so-called ‘multi-million deposits’ file-despite the file was presented to the Public Prosecution four years ago and investigations had been concluded in that regard.

Needless to say, the MPs decided to revive the case in an open debate-disregarding the constitution, laws and privacy of the banks without arriving at anything tangible, just like how the previous investigation ended.

What transpired in the Parliament carries with it negative indications as regard efforts to weaken official investigation authorities and exposing the banking system to its main strength, which is ‘confidentiality guaranteed by the power of law and the constitution’.

The MPs want to open doors through which bank accounts of the people of Kuwait will be exposed and made vulnerable to vengeance and self-serving desires, though legally recognized in the entire world and not only Kuwait. Disclosing confidential information of any account can only be done by the power of the judiciary— in case crime is involved.

With the file that continues to rob some MPs of their ability to settle scores and agitating society for political gains, we have seen crimes perpetrated against the Public Prosecution in particular and the Judiciary in general. This is unacceptable, because when they presented the names of the MPs and their accounts without due consideration, they immediately stated having no confidence in the Public Prosecution or its investigations.

The people did not reveal the actual motive behind the move. Was it to confirm that money in the accounts was earned illegally? Is there any suspicion of money laundering or are they suspecting the source to be foreign bodies from Israel or other countries?

Didn’t the lawmakers on whose behalf colleagues have been flexing their muscles unnecessarily have bank accounts or real estates here and there before becoming lawmakers? Another issue hidden from the muscle-flexing lawmakers is whether or not they can accept the choice of declaring their accounts and ask how they got the deposits if any lawmaker raises a related topic or bank accounts are leaked in future?

The National Assembly embarking on this myopic move and wasting time on drama amounts to abandoning urgent issues that affect the daily life of citizens. It also means that the priorities of lawmakers are clearly different from those of the electorate, and depicting the Public Prosecution Department as the betrayer of confidence weakens its influence; thus destroying a major pillar of the country in violation of Article 167 of the Constitution.

It’s unfortunate that some lawmakers have been perpetrating destruction ahead of the concept. It seems that the pile of files and cases raised within the last few weeks were planned at night to execute the desires of some lawmakers, knowing well it was impossible to do the needful in a healthy parliamentary atmosphere. This is the reason why they are deliberately creating crises in the country, as a diversionary measure.

Fallback of the comical show in the National Assembly has exposed immorality of the dispute, which does not befit representatives of citizens or the legislative authority in whose hand the country’s fate is entrusted.

It is natural for representatives of the people to be role models and uphold the rule of law. They are supposed to be committed to play expected roles in the institution than anybody else without conflict or interference among various institutions but it seems that what we have here is quite different, indicating an almost complete ignorance of the Constitution. This produces dark cloud in the sky of the National Assembly and shakes all its pillars toward imminent dissolution since the politically bankrupt lawmakers are still present.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-chief, the Arab Times

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