Friday , September 21 2018

MPs get Assembly preview

MPs-elect during an introductory meeting with Secretary-General of Parliament Allam Al-Kandari
MPs-elect during an introductory meeting with Secretary-General of Parliament Allam Al-Kandari

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 6: The Secretariat General of the National Assembly organized Tuesday an introduction meeting for the MPs-elect with Secretary-General Allam Al- Kandari, assistant secretaries and senior officials of the secretariat in attendance.

Al-Kandari congratulated the MPs-elect for winning the trust of citizens, while thanking them for responding to the invitation to be acquainted with the nature of parliamentary work.

The assistant secretaries reviewed the services provided by their sectors in the legal, media and information fields, as well as the mechanisms for questions, proposals, attendance and the work of committees.

A total of 16 MPs-elect attended the meeting including Ahmed Al-Fadel, Al-Humaidi Al-Subeaei, Thamer Al-Zhufairi, Hamadri Hamad Al-Harshani, Hamoud Al-Khudhair, Khalid Al-Otaibi, Saud Al- Shuwaier, Safa Al-Hashem, Abdullah Al-Anazi, Abdul- Wahab Al-Babatain, Omar Al- Tabtabaie, Majed Al-Mutairi, Mubarak Al-Hajraf, Marzouk Al- Khalifa, Nasser Al-Al-Dousari and Yousif Al-Fadallah. They were briefed on the work of the secretariat, its sectors and the services they offer to lawmakers in order to facilitate the technical and administrative aspects of legislative work. After the meeting, the MPs-elect toured the Parliament building to look into the improvements and its facilities, during which they listened to a detailed explanation on the procedures followed in Abdullah Al-Salem Hall including the voting system.

Meanwhile, MP-elect Khalid Al- Shatti said the current stage requires everyone to unite for the sake of the people of Kuwait, instead of being divided by their desire to occupy fl eeting positions. He hopes to fulfi ll what he promised during the campaign as soon as he takes oath as a lawmaker. In a statement to reporters on the sidelines of a reception hosted Monday by First Constituency voters at Al-Zomoroda Hall, Al-Shatti asserted, “I think there is a responsibility on our necks that we have to carry out in all honesty and sincerity after taking the constitutional oath. It is now time to work, exert efforts, take initiative and fi nd appropriate solutions to problems in education, health and economy.” He stressed the need to refrain from touching the citizens’ pockets and to stop wastage of public money through cooperation among MPs to better serve the people.

Talking about laws approved by the dissolved Parliament, Al-Shatti unveiled his plan to review a number of questionable laws. He said the new Parliament must be careful in issuing laws such that no draft law is approved unless a comprehensive study is conducted. He urged his colleagues to avoid anything that might tear them apart such as the desire for certain positions.

He pointed out the aspiration for Speaker, Deputy Speaker and Secretary posts should not divide lawmakers, because these posts will vanish but hard work and dedication to serve the country will remain. He also called on the incoming Speaker to ensure proper management and strict application of regulations, stressing the new speaker must work for everybody and enforce rules soon after an anomaly or irregularity is uncovered. He then revealed his intention to contest for membership of the Legislative and Legal Affairs and Public Funds Protection committees.


By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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