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MPs disguise with chastity

Ahmed Al-Jarallah – Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

PRETENDING to be chaste does not imply protection of honor. Pretending to be pious does not make a person a believer. The victim’s blood on the hands of a criminal can never be cleaned off completely despite maintaining his innocence.

This applies to some MPs who have been practicing the art of desecrating the laws, transgressing the authorities of others and openly striving to loot the public funds by forcefully acquiring tenders or through random employment and “overseas treatment tour” while, on the other hand they are ramming the anti-corruption authority. It seems as though they are covering exposed shame with leaves of berries when nothing actually can cover it regardless of the size.

Regarding the citizenship laws, the national zeal of these people did not get agitated until several of their comrades were included among those who acquired citizenship through fraud. It was only then that these MPs rushed to change the law. In fact, they launched threats and made this issue their top priority even before they won the parliamentary seat.

However, their actual objective was to blackmail the state as a whole in case of any ministerial or official attempts to resist them. Undoubtedly, today’s situation was caused by the weakness of the government in the past which led to the phenomenon of transgression on the powers of the ministers and the executive authority to the extent that an interpellation threat from an MP to a minister, even if it was unconstitutional and malicious, would either lead to resignation of that minister — as if all ministers have “gas in their stomachs”— or resignation of the entire Cabinet or dissolution of the parliament.

This kind of demeanor from the government indicates a form of voluntary relinquishment of the Cabinet’s rights in upholding its powers such that it reached the point of chaos and tension in the nation. Since the start of the current parliamentary term, some MPs have been threatening to grill His Highness the Prime Minister unless he submits to their will and relinquish his authority to protect sovereignty. They have been tampering with the national identity and Constitution as well as the authority bestowed solely upon the executive authority.

It led to restoration of citizenship for those who received it fraudulently, those who transgressed the entity of His Highness the Amir and those who agitated sedition by accepting the amendment to the blasphemy law. All that was just to avoid grilling; they are basing their success on the past experience when they appeared stronger due to the government’s rapid relinquishment of its authority.

These MPs, who have been publicly defending what is wrong, resorted to silence when the National Assembly Speaker spoke about the citizenship fraudsters, basing his arguments on the example of a citizen who registered 86 people under his citizenship file.

Now they are trying to thaw the entire issue by demanding the names of the fraudsters and formation of a parliamentary fact-finding committee, which will undoubtedly play a huge role in serving election interests in coating legitimacy on the fraudsters. Flood of questions and interpellations, crippling of legislation work and continuation of parliamentary blackmailing which His Highness the Prime Minister is currently encountering represent the actual corruption.

However, this corruption, through any means of deceit, cannot change the stance of majority of Kuwaitis concerning people who enjoy grabbing the rights of others under the pretext of parliamentary rights.


By Ahmed Al-Jarallah Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times
Email: ahmed@aljarallah.com

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