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MP critizes govt inability to solve issues – Assembly keen on following up implementation of laws

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: The National Assembly is keen on following up the government’s efforts in implementing laws passed, says Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Priorities Committee MP Ahmed Lari. According to Lari, the legislature had earlier passed numerous laws and the executive regulations have been issued yet there is no sign of enforcing them.

He said amongst the priority legislation that will be addressed in the next parliamentary term is the independence of the judicial authority. He disclosed the draft law includes an article allowing individuals to take legal action against the government, its officials, Kuwait University and the justice system itself. The MP asserted this Assembly has set the bar in terms of passing necessary and vital laws.

He pointed out that through the cooperation of the executive and judicial authorities, the Parliament has ratified 113 laws so far — the most important of which is the law granting individuals the right to resort to the Constitutional Court and the National Bureau for Human Rights. From another perspective, MP Jamal Al-Omar criticized the government for its inability to solve issues within the timeline given by the Parliament and for wasting the summer vacation as well.

He stressed that the Assembly has run out of patience and the government has no right to call for parliamentary cooperation when decisions are being made and implemented without consulting the legislature. Furthermore, the MP described the act of extending a cooperative hand to the government after this issue as “political suicide” — a matter that he will not accept.

By Ahmed Al-Naqeeb Arab Times Staff

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