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MP backs constitutionality of imposition of taxes, fees

Recruitment of expat prosecutors questioned

MP Saleh Ashour

KUWAIT CITY, March 28: Rapporteur of Financial and Economic Affairs Committee in the Parliament MP Saleh Ashour has affirmed the constitutionality of the proposal to impose tax or fees on expatriates’ remittances, similar to what banks and exchange companies do when transferring funds abroad without affecting the exchange rate.

Ashour pointed out that Article 48 of the Constitution stipulates the right of the State to impose taxes on everyone, whether citizens or expatriates, taking into account their income and ensuring they lead a decent life. According to the article, payment of taxes and public imposts is a duty as per the law which regulates exemption of those with very low income in such a way that the minimum standard of living is maintained.

He reiterated the Constitution grants the State full right to impose taxes or fees on expatriates in accordance with the law; while taking into account those with very low income, the possibility of exempting some people from paying the tax and imposing fees on remittances.

Meanwhile, MP Riyadh Al- Adsani urged the interior minister to review the latest promotion of more than 300 officers. He asked about the criteria for promoting officers from lieutenant colonel to colonel. He said the Ministry of Interior had earlier announced the admission of 890 students to Saad Al-Abdullah Academy for Security Sciences and they have yet to enroll although more than a year passed after their admission.

He urged the ministry to bear its responsibility towards these students, stressing he will follow up this issue. He added he will coordinate with some of his colleagues to submit a draft law on the establishment of a military court in the Ministry of Interior like its defense counterpart. He also asked about the reasons behind the termination of 156 Kuwaiti prosecutors, recruitment of expatriate prosecutors, and abolition of the police hospital which was part of the development plan of the ministry.

On another issue, MP Adel Al-Damkhi has affirmed that the law on granting amnesty to those who stormed the Parliament building is in line with the Constitution and it is completely different from the amnesty law for those involved in the Abdally Cell case. He cited Article 75 of the Constitution which states, “The Amir may, through a decree, grant pardon or commute the sentence. However, general amnesty shall not be granted except through a law and only for offenses committed prior to the proposed amnesty.”


By Abubakar A. Ibrahim Arab Times Staff

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